STARBOARD GO Tufskin 139, Surf Magazine Germany, August 2007

The Go, nicknamed the "slalom racer with a sun deck" covers a wide range of use. With its excellent high-quality fin, this board reached an enormous top speed with a free-speed feeling just like a slalom board. The outboard footstrap position is therefore very suitable (but less useful for beginner).

Despite a considerable top speed, the board is still easily controllable, it shreds over choppy water and likes to go upwind virtually by itself. Due to the additional inside foot strap options and the very comfortable deck cover, The GO is also recommended for sailors in the early stages of planing and for kids to learn on easily.

On top of that, the Go is the most stable and difficult to tip-over board in non-planing conditions. For progressing, there is a second fin which is shallower and spares the precious race fin for full planing with a 8.5 meter sail.

Features such as the K9 anti-twist system of the foot straps or the carry handle give the GO additional credits. Merely during power jibes, the GO has less drive, it likes to plane rather unhurried through wide turns.

Surf Tip: an all-in-one board for the sportive family

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