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Starboard are really excited, as the opportunity has arisen to work with the best windsurfing center in the world, The Pro Center René Egli. The Pro Center has been established for 25 years now. As of 2009 you will be able to find a full range of Starboards available for you to sail at the center. Check out the information below to find all the information about the center visit our Centers section on the website, you will find The Pro Center René Egli with all the information there.

Starboard are very proud to be part of a very special windsurfing center and look forward to future work with The Pro Center René Egli.

Pro Center René Egli, Playa Sotavento, Fuerteventura

With an average of 17.000 clients per year Pro Center René Egli is the biggest windsurfing and kiteboarding center in the world!

In the south of the island, directly on the kilometre long Sotavento beach, lies the Pro Center René Egli in stunning surroundings. White sand and turquoise coloured water combines to form a breathtaking scene.

The Pro Center René Egli consists of three centers.

Directly on the legendary world cup spot in front of the hotel Meliã Gorriones**** lies the Pro Center I and the Pro Center Kite–boarding. The Pro Center II is situated approximately 4 km south of the massive lagoon, which is filled at certain periods depending on the tide.

The Pro Center René Egli sets the benchmark in windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The clients of the Pro Center René Egli are able to use a worldwide unique variety of the latest windsurfing and kite–boarding equipment.

At the centers there are 1000 Windsurf rigs from NeilPryde, 400 Windsurf boards from Starboard and JP, 350 Kites from Cabrinha and 100 Cabrinha Kite–boards ready to use.

To match the high quality standard the equipment is changed every 6–12 months.
On top of this, since 2008 the Pro Center René Egli also offers a first class range of Premium windsurfing boards.

In the Premium board range the clients use the best equipment, which the market has to offer – only high tech materials for the greatest demands!

Pro Center René Egli I

For 25 years the Pro Center René Egli I is situated at the top spot directly in the Sotavento Wind Funnel.

The strong and constant winds as well as conditions ranging from flat water to two–meter high waves are the characteristics of this world cup spot.
These characteristics make the Pro Center René Egli I perfect for freestyle, speed, slalom and kite.

Pro Center René Egli II

The Pro Center René Egli II is ideally situated near the large sand dunes and is still within the Sotavento Wind Funnel.

The spot is equally suitable for beginners and advanced windsurfers. In the large, shallow lagoon beginners and experienced surfers can improve in super–flat water conditions, while wave heads can jump and ride in the three to six feet breakers on the sand bars in front of the lagoon. The center has a 700m2 beach station, complete with a Spanish–run restaurant.

Pro Center René Egli Kite–boarding

Long beaches, guaranteed all year round pleasant water and air temperature make Sotavento the perfect kite spot!

Besides the latest equipment, you will also find air compressors, freshwater showers, sun beds and a beach bar.

Windsurfing & Kite–boarding School

Yearly 1800 clients’ start their windsurfing career’s in the waist deep lagoon in front of Pro Center II, instruction is done by VDWS licensed instructors in small groups.

The kite–boarding instruction, which is yearly attended by approximately 1200 participants, is done by VDWS / IKO licensed instructors. With a maximum of two participants in each course optimal success is guaranteed. Naturally the Pro Center René Egli only uses the latest equipment for instruction.

Fuerteventura Windsurfing & Kite–boarding World Cup

Pro Center René Egli was the initiator and organizer of the international Fuerteventura World Cup since 1986.

The Fuerteventura World Cup with its Grand Slam status belongs to one of the most important and biggest events in the windsurfing and kite–boarding field!

An 18 head media team supplies the national and international press with photo and film material. The latest satellite technology allows a worldwide media presence.

In the year 2008, 636 million TV viewers watched the Fuerteventura World Cup, alone in Europe there were 48 million verified television viewers.

29 million people read about the world cup in newspapers and magazines, another 35 million followed the event on the Fuerteventura World Cup website.

The World Cup is not only legendary because of its sporting aspects but the parties in the 4200m2 World Cup tent also add to its fame. If it’s concerts, stunt shows or sponsor parties, the party tent is a magnet for young and old.

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