Morane Demont Formula Experience ISAF World Winner

In Dec 2008 the Formula Experience world championships were held in Peru, the organization of the whole event was incredible, every little detail had been thought out and everything went to plan. What was quite amazing about this event was that there were two sailing areas, for the one event. Due to the lack of wind on the first four days we moved to the south a spot called "El Paradiso" which translates to paradise in English and it was about 90 km away! I am sure this was not easy for them and quite frustrating as leading up to the event there had been plenty of wind. The organisers managed to get big trucks and get everyone to the second spot fairly easily.

At the new spot, we were right in the desert but the wind was consistent at 10 – 15 knots in the morning and up to 25 knots in the afternoon. In these conditions they managed to do 4 races for senior and master and 3 for the under 17 years old. Due to the class rules the under 17 class can only do 3 races per day.

After an amazing day we could see who had already started to take a lead position in the races, there was Nicolas in the senior class, Marcello in the master class and my self in the under 17 class.

We then returned to Ancon the first location as the wind had turned back on, we managed to do the same amount of races again, Nicolas continued to dominate the senior class, i had taken the lead in my class and Remi Vila was leading the master class.

My Championship had turned out great, I had planned to take the title for under 17 in the boys fleet and the girls fleet, and I managed to do this as I was really motivated and very focused.

For one and a half months I had done a lot of training to physically prepare myself for the event, doing a lot of biking and roller skating, and on the water I trained in many difficult conditions and only on my Formula experience.

When I first got to Ancon, I managed to get some practice time on the water, when I was sailing I experienced new sensations as the water was extremely flat, and quite different to the Martinique. I found my best trim on equipment was to use my Severne overdrive 8.5, the Severne Alu race which I found was really strong and stiff and I was sailing my 2009 Starboard F160 tuff skin with the Drake R13 70 which gave me excellent speed. This combination of board and sail I would say is perfect and gave me excellent speed.

We did a practice race which I won and this gave me a little confidence booster, however It was only a practice so I didn’t focus on it too much.

After four days of no wind, we decided to go to the second location and the organisers which was 90 km away. This was a great idea but I was a little worried, as I had not practiced at this spot. After a few tacks sailing I was feeling more confident and a lot of people seemed to be impressed with my speed.

I won all 3 races easily and was ready to do more, my physical preparation had obviously helped, but due to the class rules we cannot do more than 3 races a day.

The last day we stayed in Ancon for the 3 last races in 10 to 20 knots. The wind was particularly gusty and shifty but I am ok with these conditions as they are close to my practice area in the Martinique. I win the first two races and do the last one with a more relax attitude, which I finished in second.

After all the races I had finished in 1st position and won the under 17’s ISAF World title in BOYS and girls. This I am very proud of and I hope it attracts more women to such an amazing sport.

I would like to say thanks to Star–Board and Severne who have a very good Formula Experience package which I think will ensure the class will develop much more and thanks again to the Peruvian organisers of this event, they managed to setup one event with two sailing locations something I had never seen before. : )


1st FRA59 Demont, Morane Star–Board F160/Severne Overdrive 8,5m"
2nd PER99 Canseco, Matias Star–Board F160/Severne Overdrive 8,5m"
3rd FRA873 De Souza, Jocelyn Star–Board F160/KA Sails 8,5m"

Morane Demont

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