Gemini is the best tool for teaching I ever used

At the beginning of 2009, after 20 years teaching windsurf, I changed the program of all courses at Tempo Wind Club.

The basic course performed in groups of 6 sailors in 4 days, 3 hours/day now is offered in individual packages in 1 hour class, using the Starboard Gemini at the first hour and the Starboard Start after the first contact of the student with the sport.

In the first day in this format, full scheduled for all the day, it was blowing 12 to 18 knots and I was prepared to cancel the activities for the first timers due the strong winds.

Even thus, I went to the water with the first student, using a 5.5 sail for myself and a 4.0 for the 90 kg guy in the front. At the end of first hour, for my surprise, we was "planning" like expert sailors. Ok, we have often some precocious sailors learning very fast. After congratulate the first sailor I was ready to work with the second student. At first I talked to her about the tough conditions preparing her for a possible bad experience. Looking at the girl, all evidences was showing a frustrating sailing session. Normally the women have less "determination", besides an aggravating of having in front of me a beginner with a biotype far from an athlete. At the end of the first hour, now with the 3.0 in the nose of the Gemini. I confess that I was more impressed than her. We was planning everywhere and after each tack I was simply not believing in what was happening.

And that was with all 7 students on individual classes until the end of the day. After 7 hours on the water, I was tired, but even more impressed and excited than the beginners who thought that that situation was absolutely normal. Now I have to keep than motivated to go out sailing in 7 knots of wind, considered before today the best condition for learning.

A tip for all windsurfing instructor: I can say now that the Gemini is the best tool for teaching I ever used. It requires a couple of hours to understand all reactions and how it could help you during the classes". Ricardo Munhoz, Tempo Wind Clube, São Paulo, Brazil.

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