Starboard test results from Windsurfing USA, May 09

Starboard SUPer 12’6"

Like a classic longboard. Retractable centerboard option makes it the most beginner – friendly windsurfing board of the bunch. It has tons of float and is stable enough for even a first–time sailor.

•   HOW IT SURFED: A go–to board for first–time paddles and heavyweights. The well–balanced rocker was great for dropping in. Didn’t slash up the wave face – but hey. It’s a 12’6". Those 12 feet go miles(literally) when it comes to flat water.

•   BUYER BEWARE: The sheer size of the 12’6". Coupled with the daggerboard insert, do not make for a lightweight board – good thing it’ got a convenient carrying handle.

•   BEST SUITS: Water–friendly families that want a family–friendly board – something you can sail, paddle and teach the kids on.

•   OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Comes with a more upright windsurfing friendly fin, and a wave fin that’s better for SUP.

Starboard SUP 10’5"

The short ’n’ stubby Starboard 10’5" definitely felt a little odd after sailing some of the longer boards in the test. Missing the longboard glide – but once you get used to it, it’s incredibly maneuverable on the wave face.

•   HOW IT SURFED: A great board for medium to small waves, and impressively stable considering its low volume. The wide nose is tough to swing around on the top turn, but it significantly reduces the chance of pearling. Letting you step farther forward on the board with confidence to catch small waves. This is for waves, not flat water.

•   BUYER BEWARE: She’s short – real short, and wide. So even though this is a longboard test, this doesn’t sail like a longboard.

•   BEST SUITS: Smaller riders who are into bobbing for waves.

•   OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Wooden Sport Tech construction includes a full layer of Australian pine for impact resistance and stiffness.

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