iDO Windsurfing Changes Forever

Ever since windsurfing was invented forty years ago, many inventions allowed windsurfing to reach ever higher levels of performance. In these forty years, only three inventions have really helped make windsurfing easier: the clamp-on boom and ultra wide beginner boards make two.

Together with Dario Oliviero, its inventor, Starboard is proud to introduce the third invention: the iDO.

What is the iDO? It is a mast base that limits the lean of the sail, designed for boards 85cm wide or more, and with sails up to 5m2.

What does the iDO do? It eliminates the need to uphaul and the need to balance the sail for beginners.

What difference does it make? People can windsurf instantly. And we really do mean instantly. The difference it makes is equivalent to trainer wheels on bicycles. Without them, people need to learn to balance on two wheels before they can ride a bicycle. With trainer wheels, they can ride instantly, and as they pick up speed, they naturally start to balance on two wheels as normal.

With its angle limitation, everyone can windsurf instantly too, moving forward and maneuvering the board with natural feel and without fear of falling.

Most people think it’s hard to learn to windsurf. If what the iDO does is true, wouldn’t thousands of people learn to windsurf instantly? This is exactly what makes the iDO the most exciting invention in the last decade. With its distribution in to schools, clinics and shops worldwide, windsurfing changes forever.

Among all the ways the iDO changes the way beginners experience windsurfing and how people can now perceive windsurfing as an easy sport to learn, it is when the iDO is used with the Gemini tandem board that the iDO reveals one of its greatest potential: to see beginners scream as they feel the sensation of planing and flying on the water instantly is simply incredible. It’s just like tandem skydiving with a beginner. There’s no need to learn or practice. It’s an instant thrill for everyone: the iDO Gemini

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