2009 Pegasus Airlines Alacati PWA World Cup

Day 3
Albeau and Ghibaudo extend their leads as two more races are completed on the azure waters of Alaçati.

Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) continues to dominate the 2009 Pegasus PWA world Cup despite jumping the gun in race six. Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne) holds firm in second with consistent sailing throughout, whilst Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) storms into the remaining podium position after a strong day on the water.

Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft) looks ever more likely to take the PWA slalom crown as she finishes day three counting a clinical score of straight wins. Two more bullets were added to her tally after she delivered another dominating performance.

Valerie Ghibaudo: "I am very easy with my gear and I like these conditions. It’s not finished yet, but for the moment it is OK for me."

Karin Jaggi (F2/Severne) once again delivered a determined display of sailing, particularly in the second final. After a terrible start Karin fought her way back, finishing second after a tantalizing battle with Marta Hlavaty (Starboard/MauiSails).

Karin Jaggi: "I pressed my start watch two seconds late. I knew it at the time, but when it came to the start I forgot. It was super windy so everyone was really over powered and I just held on. "

Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish Sails) holds onto third place with a mixed bag of results. However a solid second place in race five proved she deserves to be on the podium, for both the event and the overall.

Sarah Herbert: "I have learned to tune my equipment really well and my speed is solid. Now I just need to be a bit more consistent."

Lena Erdil (Starboard/The Loft) also raced fantastically today, showing moments of magic but failing to capitalize on a number of advantages. Sara–Quita Offringa (Starboard/NeilPryde) proved her worth with a second position in race five, but finished down the pan in the final race. Still, her performance was enough to move her up into fourth place overall.

Albeau’s error in race six demonstrated to the rest of the fleet that he is fallible, but fortunately for the World Champ it was an easy discard. Together with his win in race five, his lead grew further and the results are looking very positive.

Antoine Albeau:"I was too fast at the start, pushing it a bit too much. But I am still really happy."

Bjorn Dunkerbeck’s steady work gave him the lowest point score and he wins the much–coveted "sailor of the day" award. Despite not winning either final he raced superbly, coming back despite suffering setbacks.

Equaling Dunkerbeck’s low points score was Finian Maynard. The speed World Champ was on top form, fighting Albeau until the finish in race five, moving onto third position in the process.

Finian Maynard. "Not a bad day, I am happy to be consistent. Against Antoine it was close, I had decent gybes, I tried to hold him off but credit where credits due."

Micah Buzianis (JP/NeilPryde) was unlucky not to be higher up the ranking tonight. A collision with Peter Volwater (F2/MauiSails) meant he missed the all–important qualifying slot for the final. The two racers almost came to blows on the beach, but the towering American refocused his energy and convincingly won the last final of the day. He now sits in fourth place, just 1.4 points off the podium.

Micah Buzianis. "I feel comfortable in these conditions. As long as I don’t screw up, or get taken out, and can make it to the final, I feel like I can win."

Peter Volwater. "I was scared for my life! He was quite mad and he is quite big and quite strong, and it was me that crashed into him! I said sorry, but I should have known to stay clear for a while. I probably should have sailed up to Izmir and stayed there for an hour!"

After a fantastic start Ross Williams (Tabou/Gaastra) had another disappointing day for his usual high standard.

Ross Williams "I have a new sail for this event and I think I had it tuned slightly wrong. I spent the afternoon getting it better, we will see tomorrow. Never give up."

Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard/North Sails) however seemed to find form today. After a mediocre beginning to the event, a third and fifth place saw him spring up the ranking into sixth.

With the wind forecast to build for tomorrow join us again for more slalom excitement. Follow the live ticker, the elimination ladder and check out the fantastic photo gallery, all available at www.pwaworldtour.com.

Men’s Results after 6 Races.
1  Antoine Albeau (NeilPryde, JP)
2  Björn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne Sails)
3  Finian Maynard (RRD, NeilPryde)
4  Micah Buzianis (NeilPryde, JP)
5  Josh Angulo (Dakine, Angulo, MauiSails)
6  Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard, North Sails)
7  Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Gaastra,Dakine)
8  Steve Allen
9  Peter Volwater (F2, MauiSails)
10 Ben Van Der Steen (Simmer Style, Exocet)

Women’s Results after 6 Races.
1  Valérie Ghibaudo (Loft Sails, Tabou Boards)
2  Karin Jaggi (F2, Severne Sails)
3  Sarah Hebert (Starboard, Naish Sails)
4  Sarah–Quita Offringa (Starboard, NeilPryde)
5  Marta Hlavaty (Starboard, MauiSails)

Day 2
Three completed races today allow Antoine Albeau and Valerie Ghibaudo to assert their authority and move into healthy leads.

Twenty to twenty five knot thermal winds here in Alaçati gave the race director the perfect chance to put the worlds best to the test. Three exciting races gave the results an interesting twist as the first discard came into play. In the men’s racing Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) has moved into pole position while yesterday’s winner Ross Williams (Tabou/Gaastra) had a disastrous day and dropped back to 13th overall. Former world champions Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard/ Severne) and Micah Buzianis (JP/NeilPryde) have moved up into second and third respectively.

Taking maximum advantage of the discards was Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft) who after a devastating start on day one regained control with three straight bullets. Coming into the event, only a major catastrophe could deny Valerie her first PWA World Title and she will certainly be sleeping easier tonight.

Valerie Ghibaudo, "Yesterday was a bad day for me, but today is my day here. I need to do well here to be World Champion and, if I can win, it is even better. I liked the conditions today and my gear was working well. I hope the wind stays the same all week, but it’s not over for sure."

Karin Jaggi (F2/Severne) moved into second place but her body language and attitude demonstrated that hope was disappearing quickly for her chance to win back her PWA World Title.

Karin Jaggi. "I think it’s too late for the title. She has been going really well all year and has been super focused. My only chance now is for her to go over early in every round!"

Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish Sails) remained consistent and together with yesterdays top performance she holds onto the final podium position. However the standout performance was Sara–Quita Offringa (Starboard/NeilPryde). The freestyle World Champ showed all round skills to mix it with the best on the racecourse. Some costly errors throughout the day held her back, but a second place in race three proves she has what it takes to make the podium.

Local lady, çagla "Miss Turkey" Kubat (Starboard/North Sails), had a impressive day too, making all three finals and moving into fifth overall, just one point behind the flying French girl Alice Arutkin (Starboard/ North Sails)

It was a mixed bag of results in the men’s, but once again Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) moved into a dominant position with a consistent run including a first place in race three.

At times he showed tremendous skills working his way back from inconceivable bad positions, seemingly enjoying the extra challenge.

Antoine "For me it was a perfect day. I had a 1st and two 2nds and with my 3rd yesterday I am pretty consistent. For sure I am very happy for the beginning of the event."
Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne) had moments of brilliance today, but could not quite match the consistency of the World Champion. Nevertheless, by winning race three he showed that the terminator lives on and "he’ll be back".

Dunkerbeck "I was on my 7.0 pretty powered. I had a good start and managed to round the buoy in first position. After that I made sure Antoine could not pass me. He tried to go above and below, but I had him under control the whole race."

Moving into 3rd place was Micah Buzianis (JP/NeilPryde). A win in the final race of the day saw him sneak ahead of Josh Angulo (Angulo/MauiSails/Dakine) by just 0.3 of a point. Angulo has been racing fantastically so far and joins a queue of sailors desperate for a podium finish.

Finian Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) also waits in line. Consistency sees him very much in the game. He also has been nominated for the "sailors of the day award" after victoriously winning a quarterfinal heat sailing the final three reaches with no harness. A truly impressive feat when you consider how powered up these guys race.

Kevin Pritchard (Starboard/Gaastra/Dakine) had a better day today, qualifying for every final and unlucky to miss out on a win in Race two. Meanwhile Gaastra team mate Ross
Williams (Tabou/Gaastra) probably had the worst day of anyone. Arriving at the beach this morning in first place, poor Ross walks home in 13th position. A string of disastrous races saw him miss out on an opportunity to challenge for the top.

The Dutch boys were battling it out day. Benny Van Der Steen (Exocet/Simmer Style) and Peter Volwater (F2/MauiSails) seemed to be attacking each other at every opportunity. Best friends off the water, but on the water it is a different story. Twice Van Dar Steen forced Volwater out of the course area, cruelly snatching the final qualifying position meters from the line.

Top of the Turks was Bora Kozanoglu (Starboard/Severne). Fresh from his win at the recent Turkish Championships he is clearly flying, but jumping the gun three times has pushed him well down the rankings. However a win in the race three losers final certainly gave the crowd something to cheer about and let the world know that it is not over yet.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more of the same so join us for more Alaçati action. Tune in to the live ticker, check out the top photos from John Carter and follow the elimination ladder at www.pwaworldtour.com.

Men’s Results after 4 Races
1  Antoine Albeau (NeilPryde, JP)
2  Björn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne Sails)
3  Micah Buzianis (NeilPryde, JP)
4  Josh Angulo (Dakine, Angulo, MauiSails)
5  Finian Maynard (RRD, NeilPryde)
6  Kevin Pritchard Starboard, Gaastra, Dakine)
7  Ben Van Der Steen (Simmer Style, Exocet)
8  Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard, North Sails)
9  Peter Volwater (F2, MauiSails)
10 Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Exocet, MauiSails)

Women’s Results after 4 Races
1  Valérie Ghibaudo (The Loft, Tabou Boards)
2  Karin Jaggi (F2, Severne Sails)
3  Sarah Hebert (Starboard, Naish Sails)
4  Alice Arutkin (Starboard, North Sails)
5  çagla Kubat (Starboard, North Sails)

Day 1
A perfect start to Alaçati as race 1 sees Ross Williams and Sarah Hebert take the early advantage.

A strong morning wind and glorious sunshine gave competitors the perfect opportunity to get tuned up and registered in the beautiful Alaçati bay in preparation for the afternoon of racing ahead. The atmosphere on the beach was fantastic, with a local DJ banging out the tunes and the crowd relaxing on sunbeds.

Race 1 kicked off at 2pm with a 4–gybe downwind slalom course, in 25kts of wind. Most competitors selected sails around the 7.0–8.0 range and boards around 100–110 liters, and the racing was intense from the outset.

Standout performance of the early rounds was local hero Bora Kozanoglu (Starboard/NeilPryde). In the first heat of the day he flew into the lead, holding off Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne) for the entire race, winning in front of a cheering home crowd. Having just finished 1st in the Turkish Championships, he is clearly going well and was unlucky to go over the line early in the quarterfinals.

Other local standout was Enes Yιlmazer (JP/NeilPryde) who was sailing well all day. At only 18 years old and already 2 times Youth World Champion, he is clearly one to watch for the future.

First big name to fall was Kevin Pritchard (Starboard/Gaastra/Dakine), who gave it everything, but couldn’t quite do enough to make the 4th place slot in the quarters with Sylvain Moussilmani (Starboard/Simmer Style) just taking him on the line. Robby Swift (JP/NeilPryde) also missed out on a semi final place after getting pipped to the post by Andrea Rosati (RRD/NeilPryde).

By the semis the action was roasting. As the crowd watched on, the top 16 battled it out for a place in the final. The highlight of this round was the Dutch showdown between Ben Van Der Steen (Exocet/Simmer Style) and Peter Volwater (F2/MauiSails). Volwater had held the 4th position the whole race, but coming down the final reach, speedster Van Der Steen put the pedal to the metal and cut Volwater off at the finish. Poor Volwater had no choice; either miss the finish line, or slow down and come in behind Van Der Steen.

The loser’s final saw Volwater make up for his early error by storming into a powerful lead and taking the victory with relative ease. Cedric Bordes (Tabou/Gaastra), raced brilliantly to finish 2nd and Alberto Menegatti (Starboard/Simmer Style) took 3rd.

Today however, the best was definitely saved until last. The final saw battles throughout as everyone jockeyed for positions before the race had even crossed the line. Angulo (Angulo/Maui Sails) blazed into the lead, with Williams (Tabou/Gaastra) nestling in behind. Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) and Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) seemed to be so carried away fighting each other that they gave valuable space to the rest of the fleet. Dunkerbeck saw his opportunity and pounced, driving over the top of Maynard and leaving him in his wake and moving into 4th.

Meanwhile at the front of the fleet Angulo looked to have it all sewn up, rounding the final gybe in the lead, with just an easy reach to victory. Williams however had had enough of the follow the leader racing and took a low line down the last reach in a daring move that would pay off massively. Poor Angulo was concentrating so much on those around him that he seemed to miss the Englishmen’s run, not spotting the stealth sails until it was too late. Williams crossed the line in first, with Angulo literally a meter behind. Albeau took 3rd whilst Dunkerbeck stayed ahead of Maynard in 4th.

Angulo "I looked around and saw Antoine behind me and thought that was the guy to worry about. I had no idea Ross was there right until the finish line. He had his little black sail, with technora and I didn’t look hard enough. It was my mistake. I need to get a bit more experience of being in first and winning races."

Ross "I had a good start with speed and then tucked in behind Josh. On the last reach I just thought, "I go for it" and went low to see if I had the speed to take him. I am not sure he saw me until the line, but anyway I am really happy to be in this position."

In the women’s fleet the action was loaded with costly mistakes. Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft), who leads the tour coming into Turkey, was forced over the line by Gillgren (Starboard/Severne) and forced to take a 10th place in the final. That should have opened the door for Jaggi (F2/Severne), but it was Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish Sails) that burnt into the lead, arriving first at the mark, holding on until the finish line, taking the win and with it the "sailor or the day" award. Alice Arutkin (Starboard/North Sails) put on a solid performance behind her to take 2nd. Jaggi almost appeared to be trying to hard. After making up ground on the leaders she dropped a gybe and let local legend çagla Kubat (Starboard/North Sails) through into 3rd position. The local crowds were on their feet as the former "miss Turkey" model held off the World Champion. However it wasn’t to stay that way and Jaggi made up for her first gybing error by cutting inside at the final mark and moving back into the 3rd spot.

Elimination 2
With only a 5–minute pause the men were back in action for elimination 2, quickly running the first 8 heats to complete the first round. All the usual suspects advanced leaving us with a dramatic start to tomorrow as we move straight into the high–octane quarterfinal action.

Join us tomorrow at www.pwaworldtour.com where you will find world–class pictures from John Carter, the full elimination ladders plus the live ticker keeping you up to date direct from the beach.

Men’s Results after 1 Elimination
1  Ross Williams (Gaastra, Tabou Boards)
2  Josh Angulo (Dakine, Angulo, MauiSails)
3  Antoine Albeau (NeilPryde, JPJ)
4  Björn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne Sails)
5  Finian Maynard (RRD, NeilPryde)
6  Ben Van Der Steen (Simmer Style, Exocet)
7  Micah Buzianis (NeilPryde, JP)
8  Jimmy Diaz (Starboard, North Sails)
9  Peter Volwater (F2, MauiSails)
10 Cedric Bordes (Gaastra, Tabou Boards)

Women’s results after 1 Elimination
1  Sarah Hebert (Starboard, Naish Sails)
2  Alice Arutkin (Starboard, North Sails)
3  Karin Jaggi (F2, Severne Sails)
4  çagla Kubat (Starboard, North Sails)
5  Marion Raïsi (Naish Sails, Dakine, Exocet)

Event Preview
As the 2009 PWA slalom tour draws to an exciting climax, it’s Alaçati that plays host to the worlds best, once again putting on spectacular shows both on and off the water in what can only be described as a Turkish delight!

The Place
Alaçati, on the Cesme peninsula, opposite the Greek island of Chios and on the same latitude as Athens, is a perfect windsurfing spot on Turkey’s Aegean shores. Until recently, Alaçati was a sleepy little village populated by fishermen, craftsmen and farmers; now they share it with many enthusiastic windsurfers. The combination of consistent winds and a very safe, 500m by 400m shallow section with completely flat water makes Alaçati an extremely attractive destination for windsurfing beginners, intermediates, speedsters and freestylers.

The Competition
Alaçati is the penultimate round of the tough and varied PWA slalom tour. Following on from ruthless Canaries leg, Turkey offers contrasting racing conditions, with perfect flat water and gentle winds. Top speeds, starting skills and consistency will prove to be the key ingredients for the 2009 champion.

Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) has to be the favorite. His consistent performance throughout the year has seen him win 4 out 5 events. However with the world title already in his hands, the real battle is going on right behind him. With only a handful of points separating the top 5, we are in for a treat next week as the elite fight it out for the remaining podium positions.

Leading the charge are Finian Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) and Ross Williams (Tabou/Gaastra). Ross started the season with an impressive win in Austria, followed by a 2nd place in round three, Costa Brava. Finian meanwhile got off to a slower start but finds himself in a great position after a string of consistent results, topped off with a 2nd place in Fuerteventura. At the moment they have equal points, but Finian is ahead on the tiebreak and will hope to further his advantage in Turkey.

One small step behind are the likes of Kevin Pritchard (Starboard/Gaastra/Dakine), Micah Buzianis (JP/NeilPryde) and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard/Severne). All highly experienced racers and all within easy reach of the podium spots. Dunkerbeck was last years winner here in Turkey so must be a champion candidate heading into the penultimate contest of the year.

Turkey marks the slalom finale of the women’s PWA competition so it is all to play for next week. Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/Loft Sails) has a comfortable lead, winning every event of the year, but never count out multiple world champion Karin Jaggi (F2/North Sails). Karin needs to pull off a miracle to get ahead of Valerie but nothing is impossible.

Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish) looks to be in control of the final podium spot, but there is a wealth of talent right behind. Youngster Alice Arutkin (Starboard/North Sails) has shown moments of magic through the season, whilst local talents, Lena Erdil (Starboard/Loft Sails) and çagla Kubat (Starboard/North Sails) will be keen to impress in front of their home audience.
Whatever happens we are in for a treat on the race course.

The event
It’s not just about windsurfing in Alaçati; The Surf’n Sound sports and music festival hopes to entertain the crowds throughout the week, during both the day and the night. With POWER FM DJ’s on hand to mix it up, the whole week will be fuelled by the events official beer: FOSTERS.
There will be a FOSTERS bikini dancing contest on Friday and Saturday, a FOSTERS Happy hour every day after Thursday, and at your disposal, will be the FOSTERS Surf Shuttle, taking you directly to the heart of the action. Plus FOSTERS will sponsor the best Turkish windsurfers in each women and men’s category in the PWA Finale in Sylt–Germany.
Watersports lovers will be able to follow the world’s legendary windsurfers speed race with SEABOB water sleighs. The ROZI Capoeria Dance Show will deliver Brasilian music and dance rhythms to the Alaçati beaches. The World Champions’ transportation between Alaçati and Izmir will be provided by BUDGET cars and busses. Additionally, BUDGET will offer special discounts for Pegasus Airlines passengers.

The Time
It all kicks off on the 10th August and you can follow the action as always at www.pwaworldtour.com. There will find the usual stunning John Carter photo gallery, the complete entrants listing along with their gear, each elimination ladder, plus the live event ticker giving you constant updates from the front line of the beach. Don’t miss out and join us at www.pwaworldtour.com.

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