Starboard Kombat 122, Windsurf UK magazine, Jan-Feb 08

Advanced to Expert: A manoeuvre-oriented board with great freeride performance across a good range of conditions.

Designed by Tiesda You, the 122 is the largest in the Kombat range and shares the same great detailing with the rest of the Starboard range. It differs slightly though from the smaller Kombats, like the 105, and has small tail cut outs and a Tuttle fin box as opposed to a smooth tail and a US fin box. The board has the classic rounded plan shape of other Kombats and also has some tail rocker, albeit only 6mm compared to the higher kick in the smaller sizes. Although the largest Kombat, the 122 is actually quite short (2cm shorter than the 105 model!) and gives the impression of a short, wide, funboard made more for maneuvers than forout and out speed. It comes supplied with Drake Freeride Flow 36cm fin (Shallow Tuttle).

As would be expected from a board with fair degree of tail rocker and substantial tuck in the rails, the Kombat 122 is not the earliest to get planning, but it rises onto the plane suitably well and its smooth transition from non-planing to planning make up for this. Atspeed it feels small enough to feel exciting and maneuverable, and wide and controlled enough to inspire confidence, It gives goodrider feedback and although not the fastest in the group, its speed feels good and is easily achieved. The different foot strap settingsoffer a wide range of use for the board; with them inboard the sailor can adopt a good upright manoeuvre-oriented rider position (including having a single back strap option). In overpowered and choppy conditions it feels a little lively, but move out board anddrive off the fin and the board responds well, riding cleanly over the messy water. The Kombat performs well on all points ofsail and heads upwind easily with the sailor able to drive confidently off the Drake fin. It should carry moderately large rigs with itswell-placed volume distribution.

Manoeuvres are an area that this board excels in! It performs fantastically from tutoring early gybers with smooth arces and plenty of width for easy foot movements, throughto experts driving the board in hard for tight clean arces with plenty of exit speed. Whether heavy chop or mirror flat water, the rails of the Kombat lock into the water very positively. In tacks, with plenty of width around the mast foot and with a flat deck, the board tutors as well as it performs. The Kombat 122 also has plenty of application for small waves due to its manoeuvrable, fun nature.

A great combination of freeride and manoeuvrability with masses of user appeal.

Early planning and lack of superior top speed might make the more hardened freeriders look elsewhere!

STATS:Length (cm) 235 Width (cm) 72 Vol (L) 122 Weight (Kg) 8.6

Fin Drake Freeride Flow 36 Sail Range 5.0-8.0 m

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