Starboard Test Results by Planchemag , Oct 2008

2009 Starboard iSonic 111

Early planing and especially the ability to maintain planing are excellent. It simply tracks solidly off the rail, delivering superb gliding qualities. In chop, the Starboard doesn’t bounce around like the Exocet/Mistral/Tabou, it has a finer touch and keeps a high level of speed. Its excellent overall speed in all tacks and all conditions is what makes it rewarding on a race course. It’s extremely versatile and has the ability to pull ahead of the game no matter what the conditions.

2009 Starboard Evil Twin 74

The Evil Twin planes up early and keeps planing well. It feels both responsive and smooth. Quite directional, it feels easy and lively and also tracks better than other twins. It offers a lot of speed on the bottom turn. It can drive off the front foot on long bottoms and can switch to the tail for vertical snaps. What is extraordinary is its ability to close your bottom turns tight. It’s like a mix of the Evo that pivots more and twin fins that carve more. Among the very best boards for side and side–onshore conditions. Accessible and radical, it will appeal to many. An excellent board to discover a new style in surfing.

2009 Starboard Evo 75

Thanks to its extremely light construction, it takes off early and sails without effort. Ultra smooth on the water, it has a beautiful touch. In waves, the Evo is both versatile and radical. The surf is smooth with lots of power. More versatile in different conditions than most boards, the 2009 Evo 75 now has a superior level of comfort, performance and radicalism thanks to its new construction technology. It targets a very wide user range, it’s both easy and radical, it fits both side shore or onshore conditions. The brand’s most complete wave.

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