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Note 1: All M6 x 1.0 fin screws >45 cm are Hexagon head/slotted Cap Screws, to fit into Barrel Nuts in Fin root..
Note 1 applies to all Formula; Free Formula; and GO boards with Deep Tuttle boxes.
Note 2: All M6 x 1.0 fin screws < 45 cm long are Posidrive #3 pan head Machine screws to fit into Barrel Nuts in Fin.
Note 2 applies to Carve, FreeSex,and Sonic with std. Tuttle boxes and fin screw cups in the deck.
Note 3: All M4 x0.7 US Box screws are slotted pan head and screw into a brass 4mmx 0.7 plate nut.
Note 4: All M6 fin and Starbilizer Screws are #3 Pozi-Drive Pan head Phillips with Special "Plastic Technology" thread geometry for use in footstrap/Starbilizer plastic plug inserts. For information about restoring or repairing damaged threads in plastic inserts, Repairs and Maintenance.
Special Note: Starbilizer mounting screws are 3 mm shorter than fin screws!
Use of 28 mm lg. Fin screws to mount Starbilizers may result in damage to the mounting plugs in the board.

PT Screw (K60-28mm) Special Starbilizer Screws
L= 28 mm L= 25 mm
d1=6.0 mm OD Root D=3,19 d1=6.0 mm OD Rt. D 3,19
D2= 10.5 mm OD D2= 10.5 mm OD
K= 4.0 mm K= 4.0 mm
Note: Specification WN-1411B Washer head
Note the 4 lines around the Drive Recess indicating this is a Pozi-Drive Screw
The best tool for these screws is a special #3 Pozi-Drive screwdriver!
Specification WN -1412B Material Code A2 (304 (18-8) Stainless Steel))

Here is the configuration of the >45 cm Hex Head (slotted) M6 x 1.0 x (Length) machine bolts used on boards with Deep Tuttle Finboxes: L=45mm - 100 mm
d1 e k s n min.2) t min.2)
m6 11,05 4 10 1,66 1,6
Specification : DIN 933Cz Material Code A2 (304 (18-8) Stainless Steel)

Here is the configuration of the M6 x 1.0 x (Length) #3 Pozi-Drive Pan Head machine screws
for Std. Tuttle fin box w/deck cups. Length: 15mm-45mm
d2 K Kreuzschlitz/Grösse Kreuzschlitz Kreuzschlitz/Eindring. Kreuzschlitz/Tiefe
Max (m) Min. Max.
M6 4,75 3 6,7 3,02 3,48
Cross recessed pan head machine screws, stainless steel type Z Pozidriv
Specification : ISO 7045/ DIN 7985 Z Material Code A2 (304 (18-8) Stainless

Here is the configuration for slotted cheese head M4 x .07 x 25 mm used with the US Box
in the smaller boards and is used in conjunction with a square brass M4 x 0.7 plate nut.
d1 d2 k n t
M4 7 2,6 1,2 1,1
Specification : ISO 1207 / DIN 84A Material Code A2 (304 (18-8) Stainless Steel)

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