1. Wide and short compact outlines for a wide wind range, more responsiveness and reduced swing weight. Twinzer-tuned outlines
  2. Ultra-strong Dur-X construction label on the Wood models New WoodCarbon construction option featuring flat-weave carbon and a wood spine.
  3. Soft surf-board rail shapes for a smooth flowing carve
  4. Double-screw fittings for the back footstrap for maximum insert shear resistance
  5. Mono-concave to vee hull shape for maximum grip
  6. Drake Evil Fin CNC G10 wave fins
  7. Heel bumpers

Are you Evo or are you Evil? The new Evil Twin - in the words of ScottMcKercher: a variation of the Evo theme. With new shapes developed around the concept of a twin fin set-up, the Evil Twins offer the opportunity to ride powerful waves in a new style that is as close as it gets to pure wave surfing. The Evil Twins hold more speed in tight turns with more top-turn drive and more squirt for a new wave-riding style with flowing transitions carrying greater speed.

The genetics of Evil Twin come not only from the Evos but also the original 1997 Starboard Twister wave board, developed by Scott McKercher and Svein Rasmussen and tested in Cabo Verde over a decade ago.

The Evil Twin bottom shape features a tail-biased rocker and a monoconcave front hull shape that provides drive on the wave face with a smooth flowing response. The new outlines are designed around the set-up of two fins placed side by side, with more curvature in the tail section that flows into a mild swallow tail. The rail shapes are soft like those of the Evos, inspired by surfboard rails for a smooth flowing feel, and the nose shapes are sharpened up for a more aggressive look.

stand_eviltwin_w.jpg 60_eviltwin_w.jpg
60_eviltwin_wc.jpg stand_eviltwin_wc.jpg
The Evil Twins are available in Dur-X Wood and the new WoodCarbon construction. The Dur-X Wood version continues with the same technology as 2008, a construction that has been refined since 2000 to provide the industry's leading warranty figures and the most reliable lightweight boards to date. Double sandwich construction, oversized reinforcements and a full 0.6mm wood skin (deck and bottom) for maximum rigidity, strength and dynamic shape integrity.

The WoodCarbon Evil Twins are built using an ultralight, flat-weave carbon skin with a 0.6mm Wood layer that runs along the spine of the deck. Through optimal mechanical efficiency, the flat-weave carbon offers more tensile strength and stiffness than traditional woven carbon fibres at a lower specific weight, while the wood spine on the deck adds rigidity, strength and dynamic shape integrity. The bottom of the WoodCarbon Evos feature a single sandwich PVC core with double PVC stringers for additional compressive strength and resistance to buckling.

Other features: the back footstrap on the new Evil Twin uses four screws instead of the conventional two screws - ultimate strength and a mechanically twist-free function. All Evil Twin boards feature integrated heel bumpers.

  • The new generation twin-fin waveboards
  • A variation of the Evo theme: carries more speed through tight,
  • aggressive turns with more flowing transitions
  • New WoodCarbon Technology option / Dur-X construction on the Wood option
  • Integrated heel bumpers on all models
Evil Twin 70 Wood Evil Twin 74 Wood Evil Twin 80 Wood Evil Twin 87 Wood
EvilTwin 70
EvilTwin 74
EvilTwin 80
EvilTwin 87
Model Volume
Tail Width


Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Evil Twin 70 70 225.0 55.0 34.8 5.70 6.60 3.0-5.0 Drake Evil 150x2 13-17 US 8"
Evil Twin 74 74 230.0 55.5 35.5 5.80 6.71 3.5-5.5 Drake Evil 160x2 13-17 US 8"
Evil Twin 80 80 232.5 58.0 36.6 6.10 6.95 4.0-6.0 Drake Evil 160x2 14-18 US 8"
Evil Twin 87 87 233.5 60.5 37.9 6.40 7.20 4.5-6.5 Drake Evil 160x2 14-18 US 8"
WoodCarbon and Wood weights +5%. Sail ranges and fin ranges are recommended indications

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