1. Full EVA deck for maximum comfort
  2. Tufskin construction for maximum durability and value
  3. 1 Freeride fin is supplied for performance use. 2 plastic Shallow fins are supplied for entry level use.
  4. Spiraling vee concept for powerful front-foot jibing performance - the forward vee engages the rails into the turn - like the front steering wheels of a car
  5. 3 Insert positions: entry level/progressive/advanced
  6. Mini tail cutaways for improved release and fin drive

The Kode Tufskin is designed as a perfect family board, to be shared by kids and adults alike. What makes it unique is its extra wide width compared to its extra compact volume. As such, its the one board that a family can invest and share together, allowing mum and dad to have a blast and the kids to learn a new sport ten times more fun than a PlayStation.

For kids: the board is wide and compact, making it stable and light for kids to learn on. It comes with a full EVA deck with cool Kode graphics to make it fun and comfortable. There's also a centre fin box that allows for the supplied centre fin to be fitted, keeping young riders upwind in lightwinds and learning easy. Beginner footstrap positions and a leash attachment system are the additional features to help make learning an easy experience.
For bigger kids and adults: the shape of the board itself is a high performance compact wide-style board, designed for maximum maneuverability and a wide wind range. Fitted with the supplied pre-preg molded fin in the tail and with the centre fin box

The Kode Tufskins are supplied with a new, faster and more efficient Freeslalom Swift fin that boosts acceleration and jibing performance.

"Windsurfing was first conceived as a family sport, and therein lies it's future." Windsurfing Magazine US, interview with the Schweitzer family, February/March 2007.

  • Dual concept for both adults and kids
  • The widest board for its compact size
  • Wide wind range with fast, fun and maneuverable planing performance
  • 3 fins are supplied with the boards
  • Value for money
  • New Freeslalom Swift fin
Tips on setting up the board (3 fins and a fin base adaptor are supplied to compliment the Kode Tufskins' dual purpose):

Kids' entry level settings: fit the two supplied plastic Shallow Fins and place the footstrap in the entry level positions. The fin base adaptor is not needed.

Kids' progressing settings: fit the Freeride fin in the tail only and place the footstrap in the intermediate positions. The centre finbox can be closed off with the supplied fin base adaptor.

Kids' or adults' performance settings: fit the freeride fin in the tail only and place the footstraps in the advanced settings. The centre finbox can be closed off with the supplied fin base adaptor
Kode 114 Tufskin Kode 122 Tufskin
Model Volume
Tail Width
Tufskin (kg.)

Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Kode 114 114 235.0 68.0 44.3 9.7 2.0-8.5 Drake Freeslalom Swift 360 S-FLEX + 2x Drake Shallow 310 FRN + Base 28-42 Tuttle
Kode 122 122 235.0 72.0 46.6 9.8 2.0-9.0 Drake Freeslalom Swift 380 S-FLEX + 2x Drake Shallow 310 FRN + Base 30-44 Tuttle
Tufskin weights +-6%. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

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The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
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