1. New 78cm daggerboard
  2. Heel recess for the daggerboard: push down to push out the daggerboard
  3. 5 step adjustable mast track (Phantom Race 320)
    75cm range adjustable mast track (Phantom Race 380)
  4. Racing rockerline and bottom shape
    for maximum speed and glide in lightwinds
  5. Upwind and reaching footstrap positions


          Raceboard Sail 95

The Phantom Race 380, the Phantom Race 320 and the Starboard Raceboard 9.5 sail: advanced equipment that provides new breath into one of the longest standing windsurfing classes

Phantom Race 380
Following the 2007 World Champion Phantom Race 380 comes the all new 2009 Phantom Race 380. Designed by Remi Vila, Mariano Reuteman and Svein Rasmussen, the new 2009 Phantom Race 380 has an all new shape built in an all new construction.

New Shape

A lower nose rocker combined with extra nose vee allows the board to glide faster in lightwinds for improved light-wind performance. This lower nose rocker also gives the board greater speed in medium to high winds as the board crosses chop at a more eficient angle of attack. Faster in lightwinds, and also faster in high winds.

The deck shape features heel extensions that increases the rider's leverage over the daggerboard and in. Extra leverage = extra power and extra upwind angle.

New Construction

The new 2009 Phantom Race 380 is built deck and bottom in full PVC sandwich and unidirectional 80g carbon. Flat-weaved and unidirectional, the UD80 carbon iber is the most eficient iber ever used in the construction of a windsurf board, weighing a mere 80g per square meter and providing extremely high stiffness.

A new oversized side-plate holds the 78cm daggerboard, spreading the load evenly and ensuring total reliability, durability and functionality.

  • Lower nose rocker
  • Extra nose vee that runs to the midsection of the board
  • New heel extensions on the deck
  • New construction and ittings

phantom Phantom Race 320
Phantom Race 320
The Phantom Race 320 is the board that links progressive lightwind windsurfing to lightwind racing performance. It measures 320cm by 71cm and is powered by the same 78cm daggerboard as the Phantom Race 380. With its dimensions, the board is race-legal for the raceboard class's Hybrid category.

Not only for racing, the Phantom Race 320 is also the ideal board for all-wind weekend windsurfing, with more performance than what a Rio would offer for example. Whether freeriding or racing in planing or non-planing conditions, the Phantom Race 320 offers you a fast gliding sensation from just 2 or 3 knots of wind. In stronger winds, the Phantom Race 320 planes up to give a fast, free ride with the feel of a much smaller board. With its new 78cm daggerboard down, the board drives upwind and reveals its power and racing potential.

It's the perfect board for windsurfers looking for a board that will be fast and fun in any wind, any time.

Starboard Raceboard 9.5 sail: specially designed by Sam Wong HK1 for the Raceboard class, the sail is a 4 cam design that is shaped with an especially deep draft, a compact shape and built in a race-special construction that is much lighter than an ordinary sail. With the return of the Raceboard class, the Starboard 9.5 is the latest and greatest, helping the Raceboard class upgrading to better equipment. This Starboard 9.5 has been the test sail used for the development of the Starboard Phantom Race 380, making them the perfect match. Rigging tips: Light sailors can use a 490 mast with mast extender that would soften the rig and allow it to flex and breath. Medium and heavy weight sailors can use a 530 or 540 mast. Severne Red Line masts are recommended. Special rigging instructions: special care is needed when sliding the mast in to the luff pocket. The mast has to stay in front of the cams when sliding through the luff pocket.

  • High-performance racing boards for all wind conditions
  • Extra-light 80 gram Carbon construction for the 380
  • Adjustable mast tracks
  • 78cm daggerboards
  • New Starboard Raceboard 9.5 sail also available
phantom Phantom Race 320
Model Volume
Tail Width

Sail range

Fin Fin range Fin box
Phantom Race 320 233 320 71 51.7 15.5 6.5-9.5 Drake R19 Race NR480 + Daggerboard 780 42-52 Deep Tuttle + Daggerbox
Phantom Race 380 295 380 70 43.3 14.2 6.5-9.5 Drake R19 Race NR480 + Daggerboard 780 40-50 Deep Tuttle + Daggerbox
Wood weights +-5%, Tufskin weights +-6%. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

Sail specifications
Name Size
Cams Head Recommended Severne masts
Raceboard 9.5 9.5 232 540 4 Fixed Red Line 490/530/540,IMCS 32-34

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever.
The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
the wind and waves any place any time.