1. Longer nose with a longer, lower rocker - for more longitudinal stability and more glide
  2. Integrated nose protector
  3. Tail cutaways improve speed and acceleration
  4. Extra-wide tails offer easier and earlier planing
  5. Side-cuts improve fin drive and release
  6. New Daggerboard 570 and Clipperbox III daggerboard system
  7. Multiple insert positions offer tuning options for entry level/ intermediate/advanced riders
  8. Centre carry handle
  9. Nose carry handle for convenience.
  10. EVA-Tufskin construction
  11. Long, wide outlines with extra volume in the rail midesection for additional stability
  12. Full 2mm EVA deck

The Rio is all about windsurfing for everyone, everywhere and everytime. Its unique design makes it great for first-timers, great for some lightwind fun and for all-round windsurfing.

Whether you are an advanced rider or a beginner, whether you're looking for a simple light wind board or an all-wind board, the Rio is the easy choice.

It glides effortlessly - the Rio's extended length and slender rockerline lets it glide on a long waterline, giving it more longitudinal stability and glide in light winds.

It gets planing easily and quickly - with its wide tail design, the board transitions quickly and smoothly into planing mode as the wind picks up.

It's easy to learn on - with its relatively wide shape, the Rio is extremely stable, making it easy for beginners to learn the basics and progress from there. The 57cm long daggerboard makes the board track upwind.

It's easy to progress on - the special contour deck design with footstraps close to the board's centerline makes it extremely easy and comfortable to step into the footstraps as you progress and start to sail with more power in the sail.

It offers high performance for advanced riders - the longer, narrower shape combined with the inboard heel-recesses and a soft daggerboard allows the board to power upwind off the leeward rail.

Rio S
Rio M
Rio L

The Rio's special features
  • A full EVA deck for total comfort - an original Starboard innovation.
  • Contour Deck design
  • Built in Tufskin for maximum durability
  • Integrated nose protector for extra protection against mast impacts.
  • Third generation Clipperbox system - it's the easiest and most functional daggerboard system ever. Its clip system is super smooth and easy to operate, it's totally sand-proof, strong and reliable.
  • Unique daggerboard box rubber lips system - they're back-plated with L-shaped plastic strips. This totally prevents any water from gushing through the daggerboard case when the daggerboard is retracted and board is planing.
  • The All-Wind windsurfer
  • Contour Deck design makes it extremely easy to progress on
  • Contour Deck design makes it extremely easy to windsurf using the footstraps
  • Extra-long for extra glide
  • Wide and stable for beginners
  • Smooth and fast for lightwind freeriding fun
  • Powerful upwind performance for advanced riders who like the thrill of railing up
Model Volume
Tail Width
Tufskin (kg.)

Sail range

Fin Fin box
Rio S 175 269 76.0 56.2 14.1 2.0-9.50 Shallow 310 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570
Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
Rio M 195 275 80.5 58.7 14.3 2.0-9.55 Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570
Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
Rio L 215 290 85.0 67.2 14.6 2.0-9.50 Drake Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570
Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
Tufskin weights +-6%. Sail ranges are recommended indications.

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever.
The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
the wind and waves any place any time.