1. Cup-holder for easy fin bolt access and convenient drinks storage - the EVA cover size has been increased for a tighter fit
  2. Centre carry handle
  3. New tail fin for increased waterline efficiency
  4. New powerful 70cm centre-fin with a thinner tip that provides extra flex. An optional 41cm Shallow fin is also supplied for shallower waters.

That first feeling of gliding across the water with the power of the wind in your hands. That first feeling of planing. That first feeling of controlling the board from the straps, using heel and toe pressure to carve the board as it skims over the water. The first jump, the first wave ride, that first aerial.

These first feelings are always the best, and we all windsurf to find these feelings again. Over and over again - windsurfers are addicted to that special, unique feeling that no other sport can offer, and we want stronger hits every time. It's addictive like crazy. Somewhere along the way, the pure and simple joy of gliding disappears.

Sailing a Serenity for the first time is like feeling the joys of windsurfing all over again.

No matter what level you are at, sailing the Serenity for the first time will reignite the very first feeling of simply windsurfing once again. It is so beautifully simple, so smooth and so quiet as it cuts serenely across the water. The sheer pleasure of windsurfing rushes back. The Serenity glides like no other board. It sails like no other board. It's almost like a different sport altogether, that compliments your windsurfing on windier days. If you haven't tried one, you can't imagine what the feeling is like.

Scott McKercher, wave sailing PWA champion: "I didn't realize that a part of myself was about to be reborn. I stepped on, locked in upwind, and the memories, sensations and feelings of youth came flooding back, mesmerized. Just watching the bow penetrating the water and the wave of water it created. Loving the way it varied as it came up and down through the chop. Or the perfect symmetry of the parting water on a glassy day. Watching water flow. Loving the look of a yacht's bow as it beat upwind. And that's where I lost myself. It felt surreal, a total departure from my normal windsurfing experience."

The new design: 2009 sees the introduction of an all-new Serenity shape, based on the same principles as the original.
  • New hull shape with pure, flowing lines for more streamlined efficiency
  • Extra deck dome and thickness to improve railing power
  • New centre fin with a thinner, softer tip for improved speed and more light wind power
  • New extra tail fin to increase the efficiency of the waterline and more linear tracking.
With these new features and improved performance, the Serenity remains true to its original simplicity concept: no daggerboard system, no adjustable mast track system - just plug in, get on and go.
Serenity Windsurfing Wood
Serenity Windsurfing
Serenity Windsurfing SportTech
Serenity Windsurfing

  • Pure lightwind windsurf board
  • Designed around simplicity principles: no daggerboard, no adjustable mast track: just get on and go
  • New shape with more glide, more lightwind speed, higher upwind angles and upwind railing performance.
Model Volume
Wood (kg.)

Sport Tech (kg.)

Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Serenity 256 460 61.5 12.3 13.6 5.0-10.0 Drake Race XL 700 + Drake Shallow 410 + Tail fin 135 40-70 Deep Tuttle + US 8"
Wood weights +-5%, Sport Tech weights +-6%. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

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