The SUPer 12'6" is the World's first SUP and windsurf board with a daggerboard system.

As a board that gets anyone on the water in zero time, the SUPer 12'6" is the key to unlocking the potential of lightwind windsuring to a wide public. When stand up paddling, its long, slender shape glides smoothly and catches waves easily with surprising maneuverability. SUP is so easy, so fun and requires no instruction: it's the perfect summer board for the family, for hotels and for resorts. The bonus: it opens the gate to the wonderful World of Windsuring too.

With its integrated mast track, its daggerboard system and fitted with a windsurfing sail, you have a lightwind windsurfer that glides beautifully across calm waters, a board that is maneuverable for lightwind waveriding and for old-school flat-water freestyling. With 30" of width, it's also a stable platform for progressing windsurfers and for dads to teach their kids how to windsurf.

A true crossover between two sports and two generations, the SUPer 12'6" is really 'super'. A classic design that opens a whole new world to a whole new audience.

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Special Features:
  • Clipperbox III daggerboard system
  • New skinny Clipperbox 570 daggerboard that its inside, below deck level
  • Full EVA deck
Technical specifications

2009 Starboard SUPer 12'6" Tufskin Clipper box
2009 Starboard SUPer 12'6" Tufskin Camo Clipper box

Volume: 206 litres
Length: 380 cm.
Width: 77 cm.
Tail Width: 40.4 cm.
Weight (Tufskin)(kg.): TBA
Sail Range: 5.0-7.5
Fin: Drake Natural Wave 24 + Super 9" fin + SUPer Clipperbox Daggerboard 570
Fin box: US10" + Clipperbox

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever.
The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
the wind and waves any place any time.