Every year, there are a growing number of people working behind the Starboard scene. Companies are by definition a team of people working together and this is team that today, brings you Starboard 2010. Here and across the next few pages, we are proud to present some of the industry's most talented individuals. People of different backgrounds, technicians, shapers and test riders with each their own skills, their areas of specialization and all bound together by the same passion.

Joe Dumrongvivat

Lucky 13: 2010 marks Joe's thirteenth year at Starboard. First employee and Starboard General Manager, Joe handles the day to day operation of the company, its sales and its logistics departments.

Remi Vila

Together with Sven Akerboom, Remi is the new spear head of Starboard's board development programs. Focusing mainly on racing, Remi has brought forward the iSonic, Formula and Phantom Race designs.

Ian Fox

The Speed Meister. President of Starboard World Ltd, Ian works with the team to help set the course on many new directives and keeping the company in the right direction: heading for innovation and quality.

Margareta Engstrom

The most amazing and hard-working new member of the team. Margareta travels all over the World all year round to support Starboard's marketing team with fresh photos, new videos and real-time edits.

Michael Nakvachara

Michael manages the Starboard R&D centre in Naklua Bay together with Remi, and supports the R&D team on the freeride, slalom and racing testing programs.

Scott McKercher

Scott drives the wave board development and travels the World endlessly in pursuit of new dimensions to bring to windsurfing. He and Svein designed the fin set up that really made Quads work, transforming the limits of wave boards once more.

Keith and Karen Baxter and Shawneen Schweitzer

The ultimate Maui team and Starboard's front-line connection to the Mecca of windsurfing. Karen, Keith and Shawneen have led the Starboard 2010 Maui photoshoot from start to finish, with immaculate operation and the results to prove it. Many special thanks to these three wonderful individuals and their families.

Ellen Faller and Roger Jackson

Both USWA's Windsurfer of the Year, Ellen and Roger are Starboard's direct link with the US market and the entry-level segment of windsurfing from grass-roots level. Ellen and Roger tour the US with their Taste of Windsurfing program and run the Start Windsurfing forums on the Starboard website.

Sven Akerboom

The rising star. Sven has become a key element in the R&D team. With his energy and natural style, Sven focuses on wave, freestyle and freeride R&D. The Kode and the Flare 2010 are his babies.

Martin Haglev

From Global Retail Marketing Manager at Helly Hansen, Martin has joined Starboard to lead the marketing team. The mission: take Starboard marketing to the next level and market windsurfing outside of windsurfing. A man made of pure passion.

Carol Filen

Carol heads the apparel division, a new and ambitious project for the brand. As we go to print, the first sketches and patterns are being developed. It's very exciting so watch this space. Innovation Quality goes software.

Duncan Milne

Duncan heads Starboard's CNC shaping division and doubles up as Marketing Editor, taking on the responsibility behind website news and press media. Working closely with Martin Haglev, Duncan joins on the mission to take Starboard marketing to the next level.

Chris Pressler and Kerstin Reiger

Globetrotting all year round, Chris and Kerstin feed Starboard with their news and stories from around the World. Chris also competes full time on the PWA slalom tour and runs his own website: www.continentseven.com