By looking back 15 or even 30 years, it's very clear that the evolution of windsurfing is still in its infancy and that the sport still has endless exciting developments to look forward to.

When we started Starboard in 1994, our 58 cm wide race board was our light wind performer, yet we still had to travel to windy New Caledonia for testing. 15 years later our development achievements allow us to test boards down to 90 liters right here in Thailand accelerating our research process and drastically increasing on-water time.

Starboard's main focus has always been to apply revolutionary ideas to windsurfing a few years ahead of the crowd: the Evo, the Formula, the iSonic, the Go, the Start ,the thruster Fish, the SUPer 12'6", the Wood technology, the EVA decks, Technora, Startouch and Armor tech; the list goes on. Time after time our development crew gets there first, creating real excitement and the base for new performance levels. After we started to play with quad fins two years ago everything changed and I had some of my finest windsurfing moments while testing the final 10 Quad prototype boards in Gnaraloo, Western Australia, truly a whole new experience.

The brand new Atom enables us to more often enjoy exciting windsurfing and puts in the seeds for the "super slim revolution".

If you are just getting into windsurfing and also are curious about Stand up Paddle boarding, take out a SUPer 12'0" x 32 for the best allround fun experience that wind and water can offer.

Having been the world leader in windsurfing since 2001, I would like to thank all the people who have shared our commitment since then, and in particular Jim Drake, Joe Dumrongvivat, Nimit Pormjan, Tiesda You, Scott Mc Kercher, KOLTdblack and Nattha Sukapak

Your quality of windsurfing is our main innovation.

Svein Rasmussen

2008 PWA Constructor's Champion
2008 PWA Slalom Champion
2008 PWA Slalom 2nd
2008 PWA Slalom 3rd
2008 PWA Freestyle Champion
2008 Formula World Champion
2008 Speed World Champion
World Windsurfing Speed Record holder 49.09 knots

Winning is a great inspiration and we at Starboard believe that our level of service is a direct result of that.