Starboard introduces the Atom 99, the hyper-maneuverable freeride board. The freerider designed with a single purpose: to bring the freedom of style to freeriding.

Ride it strapless for total freedom of expression, to carve heel side and toe side jibes and ride switch stance. Or ride it straps-on for conventional control.

Ultra slim, with a fast rocker line and integrating Starboard's power steering spiraling vee concept, the Atom 99 turns, carves and reacts like no other freerider. It's no longer about top speed and maxed-out power. Only freedom counts.

Forget points, forget test scores; forget conventions and freeriding as you know it.

Meet the Atom.

Extra thick monopad with a super soft under-layer: the pad forms to your feet under pressure to provide maximum grip with tolerance to bounce. This allows the Atom to be ridden strapless even in choppy high wind conditions.

Spiralling vee bottom shape: creates the power steering effect when carving the board through turns


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  • Atom Woodcarbon
  • Atom Wood


Model Volume
Tail Width


Bottom shape

Tail kick

Number of
footstrap options





Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Atom 99 99 237.5 68.5 43.9 10.4 Flat vee 7 2 6.79 6.39 4.8-8.5 Drake Freeride Glide 360 26-40 Tuttle

Sail ranges and fin ranges are recommended indications.