The Futuras: the pure freeride boards that combine stability and ease of use with the widest wind range and the highest top end performance in its group. Blurring the lines between free-slalom boards and freeride boards, the Futuras are also, astonishingly, the most easy freeride boards in their group. This thanks to extra width and their ability to automatically deliver peak performance across a wide sweet spot.

Starboard Futuras were recently introduced in the World's leading windsurfing centre. Starboard started the season with 30% of customer's bookings while the other 70% booked established offerings. By the end of the season, the bookings changed to 70%, even up to 90% for Starboard. The Futuras' impossible combination of maximum performance with the easiest and most stable shape made it the simple choice.

Impossible engineering made possible: the Starboard Futura.

"On the water: The Futura shows where it can go in the near future. Super stable while subplaning, definitely excellent for intermediates and, when fully planing, the fastest board of the whole test group. You can learn to plane with the Futura and can keep the board till you race on the Slalom course. The planing position is extremely free. The board has the top average speed and when the Futura 133 turns upwind, no other board can follow. The mix of a sports feeling when sailing, the performance and the control is unmatched inside this test group. Additionally the Futura can carry the biggest sail sizes inside this group."
German SURF magazine, May 2009

How does a Futura manage to combine the best top end performance with the easiest board?

For the same volume, the width of a Futura matches the width of a modern slalom board. This makes them the widest freeride boards in their category, giving them more stability when uphauling and sailing at lower speeds.

With footstraps that can be positioned either inboard or outboard, a Futura can then be tuned to deliver easy freeride sailing or maximum performance.

Extra wide and extra slim

The wider width and the extra slim profile of the Futuras is their secret to their efficiency. Just like modern slalom boards, the reduced thickness and extra width is the key to deliver the most efficient performance and total control in all conditions, from lightly underpowered and flat water to over-powered in the roughest seas states.

The reduced thickness also greatly increases the maneuverability of the board and lowers the centre of gravity: more control and more responsive to ride and jibe.

Comfort and control

The deck shape of every Futura has been shaped to offer a comfortable rounded shape under your feet, whether you're riding in the inboard or outboard position. The nose of the board also features a deep deck concave to lower the mast track, enhancing control and lowering the centre of gravity further.

A wide sweet spot, a wide wind range and the ability to tune

The greatest thing about a Futura is its efficiency: its ability to deliver peak performance across a wide sweet spot, whether riding slightly underpowered or totally overpowered. Its design and its wide wind range also gives it the ability to be fully tuned by the user, with a wider sail range and a wider fin range than any other freeride board.

What's new for 2010

New cutaway shapes that reduce the wetted surface area without losing width under your back foot: a more efficient planing surface that delivers more speed and quicker acceleration, but without loss of control, stability or power. Futura 101, 111, 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New wingers that create more width between your feet, less width in the tail: a more efficient planing surface for a higher top end speed and quicker acceleration. Futura 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New nose shape on the Futura 122 and 133 that have been tweaked to offer improved balance: the 122 has a slightly narrower nose and the 133 has a slightly wider nose. Both are a touch longer than last year.

The Futura 141 has also been thinned down further compared to last year, to provide a more responsive, sporty and controllable ride with the same levels of ease, stability and comfort.

New Freeride Glide fin that delivers less drag, more speed and spin-out free grip (Futura 93, 101, 111, 122).

Futura Tufskins are delivered in test winning 09 shapes.

Wood offers the best control, the highest level of dynamic shape stability and increased comfort at a very light weight. The unidirectional Australian pine wood sheet of 0.6mm thickness wraps the entire board, deck and bottom, to form a stiff and rigid shell that is also tough and impact resistant.

TechnoraTM offers the best balance between strength, weight, stiffness and affordability. The 2010 Technora? models also now come in a custom look, for a custom board effect but more importantly, to save a hundred grams of weight in paint.

The Tufskin models are the toughest option and also the most affordable with the highest weight. The Tufskin 122, 133, 141 and 155 also include additional intermediate footstrap options.

WoodCarbon offers the lightest weight of all with a stiffer construction that offers quicker acceleration in lighter winds. Unidirectional, ultra light and flat woven carbon is used for maximum stiffness and minimum weight.

Special note on the Futura WoodCarbons - they are staggered into two groups: the Futura 122 and smaller are built with a carbon deck and a wood bottom to achieve a blend between stiffness and control, as these boards are used mainly in medium to high wind strengths. In high winds, control is more important than stiffness.

The Futura 133 and larger are built in carbon both deck and bottom, as these boards are mainly used in lighter winds. In lightwinds, weight and stiffness are the more important factors. All WoodCarbon boards feature a wood spine on the deck to add structural rigidity and shock-absorbing and vibration-damping effect.


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  • Futura 93
  • Futura 101
  • Futura 111
  • Futura 122
  • Futura 133
  • Futura 141
  • Futura 155


Model Volume
Tail Width




Sail range

Fin Fin range

Fin box
Futura 93 93 237.5 61.5 40.5 - 6.38 6.55 - 4.0-6.5 Drake Freeride Glide 340 26-36 Tuttle
Futura 101 101 239.5 65.5 42.7 6.49 6.71 7.01 - 4.5-7.5 Drake Freeride Glide 340 28-40 Tuttle
Futura 111 111 240.0 68.0 43.1 6.58 6.86 7.21 8.37 5.0-8.0 Drake Freeride Glide 380 30-42 Tuttle
Futura 122 122 245.5 71.5 46.3 6.86 7.13 7.43 8.89 5.5-9.0 Drake Freeride Glide 400 32-44 Tuttle
Futura 133 133 248.5 76.5 49.1 7.10 7.75 8.0 9.68 6.0-9.5 Drake R13 Race SL 480 40-50 Tuttle
Futura 141 141 246.5 80.5 49.8 7.63 8.16 8.47 10.18 6.5-10.0 Drake R13 Race SL 500 40-50 Tuttle
Futura 155 155 249.5 85.0 57.2 8.45 9.09 9.39 11.45 7.0-10.5 Drake R13 Race NR 520 48-58 Deep Tuttle

Technora, Wood and WoodCarbon weights +-5%. Tufskin weights +-6%. Weights are estimates, final weights are not available at time of print and will be updated on to the website. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.