Starboard speed boards remain windsurfing's fastest and the smallest prototype continues to hold windsurfing's 49.09 knots record. First introduced in 2009, the production series of iSonic Speed Specials are Starboard's fastest production boards designed for the needs of the professional speed sailor: to post the best results in a wide variety of conditions, from flat-out, off the wind in flat water to square runs in light, choppy conditions.

For 2010, a new iSonic Speed Special W58 has been introduced to plug the gap between the high wind slalom performance of the iSonic 86 and the speed performance of the iSonic Speed Special W53. The W58 is the most real-world orientated speed board and blends everyday speed for everyone with the possibility to still break records on the best of days. For the recreational speedster, the heavy weight or lightwind speedster, or the professional speedster needing to secure top positions in all conditions on one board, the new W58 is the weapon of choice.

Christophe Fiorentini, designer of the iSonic Speed Specials W43, W49, W53: "I have been working actively on the shape of these 3 speed boards since 2005. In the course of events I have improved the design of each of these boards. To define the ideal characteristics, we tested boards in the South of France (a spot with very irregular winds and with both flat and choppy water conditions) but also in Fuerteventura (150? angle with light wind) and in Namibia (square conditions with 100? angle). Under your feet, the boards accelerate with a great feeling of ease. The boards have a neutral trim so that wind lulls and gusts can be coped with effortlessly and with maximum efficiency. The great special feature of these boards is that they keep the speed generated by a gust of wind for a very long time. The double concave is tailored individually on each model to blend acceleration on flat water and comfort. Below are our recommendation for what fins and sails to choose".

iSonic Speed special W44

Sails:                          4.0 to 6.5
Ultra Flat water:           20cm fin
Flat water:                   22cm fin
All-round conditions:     24cm fin
Choppy / lightwind:      26cm fin

iSonic Speed special W49

Sails:                          5.0 to 6.8
Ultra Flat water:           22cm fin
Flat water:                   24cm fin
All-round conditions:     26cm fin
Choppy / lightwind:      28cm fin

iSonic Speed special W53

Sails:                          5.5 to 7.5
Ultra Flat water:           26cm fin
Flat water:                   28cm fin
All-round conditions:     30cm fin
Choppy / lightwind:      32cm fin

iSonic Speed special W58

Sails:                          5.8 to 8.0
Ultra Flat water:           28cm fin
Flat water:                   30cm fin
All-round conditions:     32cm fin
Choppy / lightwind:      34cm fin


Model Volume
Tail Width


Sail range

Fin range

Fin box
iSonic Speed Special W44 53 229 44 26.8 4.5 4.0-6.5 20-26 Tuttle
iSonic Speed Special W49 64 230 49 28.7 4.9 5.0-6.8 22-28 Tuttle
iSonic Speed Special W53 74 231 53 32.9 5.3 5.5-7.5 26-32 Tuttle
iSonic Speed Special W58 82 231 58 36.2 5.8 5.8-8.0 28-34 Tuttle

Wood weights +-5%. Weights are estimates, final weights are not available at time of print and will be updated on to the website. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.