Phantom Race 380

The new Phantom Race 380: the reigning World Raceboard Champion and UK Raceboard Champion.

Designed by Raceboard World Champion Mariano Reutemann, Remi Vila and Svein Rasmussen, the shape features five new key design elements:
A lower nose rocker combined with extra nose vee allows the board to glide faster in lightwinds for improved light-wind performance. This lower nose rocker also gives the board greater speed in medium to high winds as the board crosses chop at a more efficient angle of attack. Faster in lightwinds and faster in high winds.

The deck shape features heel extensions that increase the rider's leverage over the daggerboard and fin. Extra leverage = extra power and extra upwind angle.

New Construction

The new 2009 Phantom Race 380 is built deck and bottom in full PVC sandwich and unidirectional 80g carbon. Flat-weaved and unidirectional, the UD80 carbon fiber is the most efficient fiber ever used in the construction of a windsurf board, weighing a mere 80g per square meter and providing extremely high stiffness.

A new oversized side-plate holds a new, more powerful 78cm daggerboard, spreading the load evenly and ensuring total reliability, durability and functionality.

Phantom Race 320

The new Phantom Race 320: the compact version of the 380. A totally new design concept that started with the 380 shortened down to 320. The rocker, the nose vee, the daggerboard and mast track positions were adjusted to match the new length. Super-sized 2cm high heel extensions were added to the deck to maximize the sailor's leverage when railing upwind. Competitive in the 380 class and by far the most advanced board in the 320 class.

Available in Tufskin and in PVC Carbon, the Phantom Race 320 is the new gem in the family.

Phantom Race 9.5

The new Phantom Race 9.5 is Starboard's dedicated raceboard sail. Extra-light weight, this 4 cam design has a very deep profile. The new outline has a higher foot line, preventing the water from catching the foot of the sail and creating unnecessary drag.
The boom opening is bigger and higher. The width of the luff on the bottom of the sail has been increased to promote improved aerodynamics. The bottom batten has been replaced by a tube batten for extra shape stability and the three wheel pulley has been replaced by a new four wheel pulley for easier downhauling.

Studio photos



Model Volume
Tail Width


Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin boxex
Phantom Race 320 TBA 320 70 43.3 TBA 6.5-9.5 Drake R13 Race NR440 +
Daggerboard 780
40-50 Deep Tuttle + Daggerbox
Phantom Race 380 303 380 70 43.3 14.22 6.5-9.5 Drake R19 Race NR480 +
Daggerboard 780
40-50 Deep Tuttle + Daggerbox
Sail Name Size





Weight (Kg.)

Recommended Severne masts
Raceboard 9.5 9.5m2






Red Line 490/530/540, IMCS 32-34

Weights +-6%. Weights are estimates, final weights are not available at time of print and will be updated on to the website. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.