5 years since they were first introduced, Starboard ProKids boards continue to be the only true high-performance kids' board available on the market today.

Not just boards with small stance options, the ProKids are specifically shaped and scaled down in their lengths, volumes, thicknesses and widths to match the dynamics of a sub-55kg sailor. Five models are available, covering the disciplines of racing, waveriding, freeriding and freestyling.

ProKids Quad 66

The new wave board for sub-55 kg riders. With its Quad fin set up, feel more traction, more drive and the ability to generate more speed on the wave face to close tighter turns, ride more vertical and go where you want, when you want. Tested, fine tuned and approved by Connor Baxter.

Full PVC sandwich construction.

ProKids Flares 60, 72

Since 2006, these two models have brought with them a whole new generation of young windsurfers that today have begun to take over the top places of freestyle. Many thanks and congratulations to Sarah-Quita, Kiri Thode, Amado Vrieswijk; and good luck to Bjorn Saragoza for his first year on the PWA tour this season.

Full PVC sandwich construction.

ProKids Formula Tufskin

Formula Experience class legal, the ProKids Formula board is the powerful racing machine with the same performance features as a full-size racing board: powerful wide tails combined with a deep racing fin for maximum upwind angle, deep downwind angles and the earliest planing power to win races in all conditions. Visit www.formulaexperience.com to get experienced.

Tufskin construction.

ProKids GO

The ProKids GO is a dual purpose board: an accessible progressive freerider for sailors under 55kg, and a fast, exciting and maneuverable freeride board for adults. With its thin shape and extremely low volume, the board is very lively for adults riders. With its wide, stable width, multiple footstrap options and with a centre fin box option, the board has all the features needed to help kids progress and freeride their way to the highest levels.

Tufskin construction and a full EVA soft deck.

  • Prokids Quad
  • Prokids Flare 60
  • Prokids Flare 72
  • Prokids Go
  • Prokids Formula


Model Volume
Tail Width




Sail range


Fin range

Fin box

Prokids Flare 72 72 230 57.0 35.1 5.5 - 2.5-5.5 Drake Cross Over 220 12-24 US 8"
Prokids Flare 60 60 214 54.5 34.2 5.1 - 2.0-4.7 Drake Cross Over 200 10-22 US 8"
Prokids Quad 66 223 53.5 33.7 5.8 - 2.3-4.7 Quad 16 2x + Quad 11 2x - Mini Tuttle
+ Surfinz
Prokids Formula Tufskin 117 217 93.0 69.8 - 10.33 5.5-8.5 Drake R13 Race NR 620 S-FLEX 54-66 Deep Tuttle
Prokids Go Tufskin 100 217 76.5 50.1 - 9.1 2.0-7.5 Drake Freeride Flow 400 S-Flex +
2x Drake Shallow 310 FRN+Base
34-44 Tuttle

Tufskin weights +-6%. Weights are estimates, Final weights are not available at time of print and will be updated on to the website. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.