Anne-Marie reports from AWT Goya Windsurfing Festival

Not much wind for the first stop of the 2014 American Windsurfing Tour in Santa Cruz. Instead, a small standup paddle boarding competition was organized, amongst other activities to keep the competitors busy. Anne-Marie Reichman joined in on the action and even stepped up on the podium on a local surf contest... Funny Anne? More like Busy Anne! Read her quick report below and check out her website here...

"Yesterday, the AWT Goya Windsurfing Festival finished in Waddell Creek, Santa Cruz. The event had a holding period of four days and the weirdest thing happened: the wind did not show up this time of the year! Too bad...

Conditions were great for surfing and stand up paddling. The American Windsurfing Tour organization offered a competition in the waves between the windsurfers who like to stand up paddle too. I entered and had a blast! I noticed my fellow stand up paddlers being on boards varying between 6'10" and 7'7". My 9'0" Pro Brushed Carbon was fun as always but a smaller size would probably have fit the conditions better...

The idea is for next year to have a holding period of three weeks and then be flexible between Waddell and Pistol River, which is the next event in the AWT Tour, as that region did have wind when we did not. Of course, the wind is on its way back as we speak. Anyway, the windsurfing pics show you what Waddell looked like two weeks ago.

On Saturday morning, supporting Eric, my other half surfer-ripper-shaper, in the Freeline Sunshine Carmel Surfabout in Monterey, California, I saw a spot in the Women division and entered at the last minute.

Winning my heat, I made it to the finals for Sunday; the last day of the competition! With the wind forecast being very bad, I chose to go for my final. When I had won my first heat, I surfed my self-shaped, painted board that works very good for me. For some reason, it flew out the of the back of my truck the night before the finals. Finding an older Gerry Lopez board that I liked, shaped for Eric, I had to trust I could surf the finals on that.

I ended up in 3rd place, super stoked! The other part of a good ending is that someone found my board and I was able to pick it up this morning.

Off to Maui tomorrow. Hope is all good for you guys.


- Anne-Marie Reichman