Antoine Questel and the 2014 iSonics

Currently training at home in St Barth, 2013 French Slalom Champion and Dream Team rider Antoine Questel recently sent Rémi Vila, designer of the famous iSonics his feedback on the new 2014 boards. No marketing extravaganza, just an honest opinion from a very fast sailor ranked 7th on the 2013 PWA World Tour.

"Over here, I have the iSonic 107 and iSonic 130: they're missiles! It see blurry in the accelerations! ;-)

Yesterday, I tried the iSonic 130 for the first time and really liked the overall behavior of the board. There is a nice feeling in the front leg; the board is livelier than last year but with amazing control all the time in the higher wind range. The board lifts naturally, especially under the front foot and that, I love! It makes me feel more stable. I also liked that I could push as hard as I wanted on my back leg without having to worry about the board spinning out on me.

As for top speed, it's hard to tell without having someone or something to compare but it seems faster. In the jibes, I'm speechless: the board turns very easily as soon as my back foot touches the rail and it's more nervous and accelerates better in the exit. So far, that's what I can say! Just for your information, I was on my 8.6m² and the Z-Fin 46 SL."

"For the iSonic 107, it's roughly the same thing! I've sailed it a lot more and had tried it a couple of times before the final of the French Slalom Tour in La Torche. When I got back on the 2013 model, I really felt the difference! You guys really have taken these boards to a whole-new level! Congratulations Rémi!

Out of all the iSonics I've had until today, this is the biggest step up ever! No doubt in my mind!

Now I'm really looking forward to the start of the PWA World Tour so I can smoke all the other guys!"

- Antoine Questel

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