2013 Aruba Xtreme - Event Update

Day 2

Skippers’ meeting for windsurfing was held at 10AM. The first possible start was set at 11AM and the first heat of the single elimination was on! The wind was very strong and the riders were ready to face each other in the tropical conditions on Bushiri Beach.

Finies and the usual suspects at the skippers meeting

Highlight of the day was when Steven Max faced Rafael de Windt in a battle for third place. Steven Max managed to pull out some solid moves and took victory with a 2 to 1 decision. The wind started to get a bit lighter while the finalist where competing against each other making it very tricky for them to find their rhythm. However, Amado Vrieswijk managed to show of a variety of moves with more energy then his opponent Youp Schmidt.

The results of the first single elimination:
1. Amado Vrieswijk
Youp Schmidt
3. Steven Max
4. Rafael de Windt

Kiting skippers’ meeting took place at 12PM with the first possible start set at 2PM. The winds slightly got stronger which made it a bit challenging for the kiters. One could see many aerial tricks. Highlight of the day was a perfectly landed front blind mobe by Christophe Tack.

The results for the 1st round kiting advanced single eliminations are:
Christophe Tack
2. Bas Koole
3. Christiaan Zweers
4. Hendrik Burgers

Later in the afternoon, the game of skate and bike took place on the side. There where many young skaters having fun! After a game of rock-paper-scissors, the winner decided which trick would be the first to accomplish. This went on for a while until there was a small group left.

For the BMX racing discipline, it was the first day of practice. The kids under 12 years had a fun 2-hour session on the new created track. The Pro category, including the two professionals from Venezuela, had a blast during their training session! The teams from Curaçao and Colombia are expected to arrive on the event side in the following days. BMX training sessions are scheduled at 3PM tomorrow.

Catching some sunset air

Day 1

A beautiful day welcomed all competitors on the registration day of the Aruba Xtreme Event 2013.
Warm-up sessions for kite and windsurfing and try outs for skateboarders took place during the afternoon with great conditions for the water sports while the skaters and BMX freestylers got a hang of the specially created mini half-pipe ramp with support from Salad Skate Shop Aruba.

Amado just warming up to the conditions

Event photo and filming took place during the warm-up sessions, many photographers and videographers were on sight searching for their perfect moment to capture some of the events early actions. Later in the afternoon, the stage and sound system were set up for the official opening ceremony including a DJ session with DJ NERGY from Curacao. As soon as the press and visitors were gathered, the opening ceremony could kick of with words from co-organizer and event MC Ruben Petrisie followed by a earlier recorded presentation of Aruba’s Minister of Sport and Welfare, Richard Visser. Due to commitments abroad he unfortunately could not attend in person. After the video display welcome words were shared by one of Aruba’s parliament members Ms Desiree Croes. Finally it was time for DJ NERGY to cheer up the spot and the visitors with some massive sounds while local food and snacks were being served.

Several TV stations, news paper representatives and event related sponsors joined the fun.
This event is brought to you by 2 da Max Foundation with its following partners and sponsors: Aruba’s Minister of Sport and Welfare, Purpel Entertainment Group, Polar Beer, Cerd, Monster Energy Drink, Tropicana Resort & Casino, Professional Signs, Insel Air, Salad Skate Shop, Bang!, Johnson’s Enterprises and many others.

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