Bjorn Dunkerbeck interviewed by YOU

Björn training with his new Reflex III

Earlier this year Bjorn Dunkerbeck, 2011 PWA Slalom World Champion, would travel to Thailand after the Lancelin event to pick up some new gear for the upcoming season. We sent a call out on different websites asking readers to ask Björn a question that he could answer during a videotaped interview. Sounds good, except that Bjorn never made it to Thailand because of a heightened terror alert in Thailand.

Remco Griep, Netherlands
Hey Bjorn, first of all...congratulations with your 2011 title again. I was much has the PWA tour changed in the last 15 years??? Grtz Remco

It’s changed in the way that most windsurfers are only doing one discipline and there are 3 world champions. Slalom, freestyle and wave, with no more overall title.

Pascal Marchand, France
What size boards and sails have you registered? What fins will you use (size, model and brand) Thank you and have a great season!

I am not 100% sure until the first event, but the big one will be the iSonic 127 and the 107 is in too. I will choose between the 90 liter and the 87, but I am not sure yet (editor note: its become the 87 in the meantime). Sail sizes will be 9.6 - 8.6 - 7.8 – 7.0 – 6.2 and 5.6

Down the line, Netherlands
Why did you use a 9.2 and a 9.6 last year and will you do the same for 2012? And will you use the 5.6 for 2012?

Well I hadn’t even rigged up my 5.6 in two years so I didn’t really expect to have two days in Costa Brava and two days in Fuerte where I needed it.

Jurjen van der Noord, Netherlands
What are your goals regarding speedsurfing for 2012 and are you going to participate in any speedevents?

It would be great if there was a world championship and a European championship this year. I’d go for it for sure! (Note editor: Victor Couto was here last weekend and confirmed their interest for Namibia)

Sandro Wijker, Netherlands
In 2011 we saw the magnicficent Anders Bringdal put down some impressive speeds at the event in Luderitz. Besides the "normal" speed events what can we expect from you Björn during 2012 regarding speed challenges???

I’m not sure at the moment. It didn’t look safe enough in Luderitz to try and beat 50 knots.

Funkydude, Netherlands
Dear Bjorn, its the million dollar question: When will you take part in the gps-speedsurfing competition? Do you think you have a chance against the Dutch top gps-speedsurfers?

In the right wind- and water conditions; yes I do.

Niels Van Der Kaaij, Netherlands
What did you do different in preparation compared to the last few years what made you so successfull in 2011? More workout, gym, other way of training?

Loads of windsurfing plus making the Code Redinto the winning Reflex you see today.

Brian McDowell, Ireland (he runs the website windsurfing International)
Do you pour RedBull on your cornflakes?

Red Bull all the way :-)))

Marcel Grondman, Netherlands
What will be the next important windsurfing equipment invention which will boost / change windsurfing? Or will the equipment evaluate gradually?

Fine tuning I believe. What could help windsurfing a lot as a sport would be more top windsurf centers, clubs and schools everywhere in the world!

Surfrider, Netherlands
How much do you train on the water for slalom? And do you focus on starts, gybing or speed?

It all depends on the wind and water.

Windy Dave, Netherlands
Would you be a proponent to bring back the PWA Overall title?

I would like to see eight contests in wave, freestyle and slalom plus a Worl Championship in Speed and a few more long distance races on the calendar.

Jeroen Labots, Netherlands
What is your process on how to find the best board - fin combo? How often are you testing different fin brands, models and lengths? Are you also involved in the board R&D whereby you test using a standard/specific model of fin, or is every 'test-pilot' using his own fin quiver?

I’ve been involved for over 20 years in all research and development for world champion gear on five different sailmakers and four different shapers (;-)))

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