Interview - Cyril signs with Severne

After his official departure from North, the signing of Cyril became more and more obvious as he was spotted carrying suspicious bags from the local warehouse. Not happy with just the Slalom World Champion in the team, the young Australian brand recruited the 4th overal from 2011 and big podium candidate a couple of weeks before the 2012 season officially kicks off.

Severne: Why did you choose us?

Cyril Moussilmani: I chose SEVERNE Sails because I need every advantage to win the World title. With North I had quite competitive equipment in high winds but 80% of the PWA events are in light winds. In light/medium winds equipment efficiency is a lot more important than in high winds. In light winds rider talent is not enough to win. I need the best equipment to reach my goal.

Severne: How long were you with North Sails? Why did your partnership end?

Cyril Moussilmani: I was with North from 2006 - 2011. I decided to stop because I need a team behind that can push me to the top. With Severne Sails International and Hitech the French Distributor I will have all the tools I need to get to the higher steps of the podium.

Severne: How tall are you and what do you weigh?

Cyril Moussilmani: My size is 1,96m and 93 kilos

Severne: What sizes will you register for the 2012 PWA season?

Cyril Moussilmani: During this season I will use Severne REFLEX III 9,6 / 8,6 / 7,8 / 7,0 / 6,2 and 5,6 .
I think the Starboard iSonic 127 will match with REFLEX III 9,6 and 8,6 iSonic 107 with REFLEX III 8,6 / 7,8.
And iSonic 87 with the REFLEX III 7,0 / 6,2 / 5,6

Severne: What are the fundamental differences between your old sails and the REFLEX III?

Cyril Moussilmani: The big difference with my old sails is the less drag of the SEVERNE Sails and a really slippery, gliding feeling. One of the main keys is a perfect set up and working harmony between sail and mast. This is where Severne R and D is focused. If you have the wrong set up, nothing works.

Severne: Who is your biggest rival on tour for 2012?

Cyril Moussilmani: Let 's be clear : Bjorn. With Bjorn as SEVERNE Sails Team partner I think we are setting up the best Team ever on the PWA. With both of us, we will help the brand rise to the highest level of windsurf history. Bjorn is a fabulous rider with an exceptional World Cup collection, but it's the first time I will fight against him on equal equipment with equal chances to win. Then I know I can be The Champion in front of him...! It's a fantastic challenge, and it will be a massively interesting season...!
My other direct rivals could be Antoine, of course, and very closely behind Ben, Finian and Micah.

Severne: How big is the race scene in France? (Defi wind has an amazing amount of entrants)

Cyril Moussilmani: France has a very big windsurfing scene in general. French people love to Windsurf and it's a big market with lot of different places to Windsurf with different kinds of conditions. The French competition scene is also big with lot of long distance and a quite high level French Championship. I'm member of the official French Sailing Federation Funboard Team.

Severne: Good luck Cyril

Cyril Moussilmani: All the best and have a good sailing...!

Before Cyril has a change to try out his new setup on his own spot, he'll be testing his new gear in New Caledonia where he is preparing for the upcoming season.

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