Daniel Blinnikka talks gear and titleisms

Daniel Blinnikka:

"We were very happy to get Raceboard Worlds in Finland. Last year we had in the same place in Yyteri European Championships where I was 5th in overall competition. back then I the old Fanatic Cat in combination with Starboard's Raceboard 9,5 sail. This setup wasn't as powerful as Severne's Raceboard 9,5 sail, especially going down wind.

Last april I got first my taste of the new Starboard Phantom 377 Bat Wing and Severne's RB 9,5 sail at our training camp in Rhodos, Greece. After an initial test I decided that this new Phantom would be my weapon in the Raceboard class. So before Worlds, I got 1st place at the Finnish Raceboard Competition.

That meant that at the Worlds in Yyteri I also got my first adult medal, a bronze one. The wind was between 2 - 7 m/s and we sailed 11 starts. I had very close tfight with CHK-15 Petr Kucera, my dad FIN-6 Juha Blinnikka and Rautio Sports Team mate FIN-66 Jon Törnwall. Before the last start I was leading over Petr Kucera with 2 points. I passed him just before the last mark and I beat him by 3 points! I was so happy!!! Max and Patrik were clear 1st and 2nd.

The next big competition will be the Raceboard Youth World Championships in Holland, where I will sail the Phantom 295"

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