The new iSonic, iSonic Speed, Futura, UltraSonic, SUPer and Formula Experience.

The new 2012 iSonic

Rated #1 in the PWA Slalom ranking system, the new 2012 iSonic has a variety of improvements over the entire range. A new pinched-in tail outline behind the 30cm mark will help the board feel freer then before. The successful iSonic 117 Wide features new heel extensions for improved leverage. Reduced rail thickness in the nose shifts the volume and center of gravity back in the G back in the board for improved control.

The new 2012 iSonic Video

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The new 2012 iSonic Speed Special

The iSonic Speed Specials are the pure speed needles of the Starboard's range. Technically very advanced, they are designed for the best speed sailors who know what it takes to go faster. Not just the feeling of going fast, but knowing that speed is the result of meticulous GPS measuring and the combination of hours of tuning combined with supreme riding expertise.

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The new 2012 Futura

The Futura is Starboard's latest and best achievement in the freerace segment, winning every comparative test it enters: the PlancheMag test, the WIND magazine test, the BOARDS/Boardseeker test and the SURF Magazine test.

So what's new for 2012?

The new 2012 Futuras will be thinner by 5mm, 7mm and 16mm (111, 121, 131), increasing responsiveness and controllability. For additional top speed, the 111, 121 and 131 will also have a new V-configuration sourced directly from the iSonics. New, harder rail shapes will help acceleration and the free-feeling release from the water. Improved open angles on the cutouts will help trap less water.

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The new 2012 UltraSonic

The UltraSonic is the light-wind cousin in the iSonic slalom family. Designed by Remi Vila, he created the UltraSonic to make high levels of light-wind performance available to anybody. It's easy, it is fast, and it is really fun. Planing past your buddies who are struggling to get going in light-wind is the best feeling ever.

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The new 2012 SUPer 8

The SUPer are Starboard's crossover boards between light-wind summer windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding. The range also includes one exceptional light-wind wave surfer specialist, the SUPer Wave.

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The new 2012 Formula Experience

The Formula Experience board sits besides the (Top Secret) Formula board in Starboard's course racing board range. The key difference is the construction of both boards. The Formula is built in expensive and ultralight carbon, whereas the Formula Experience is built with the more durable and affordable Tufskin AST technology.

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