PWA Tenerife World Cup: Event Report

Day 5: Big winds and powerful waves provide a pulsating finale

With just the top five sailors in both the men’s and women’s fleets remaining, the fifth day of the PWA Tenerife World Cup saw a scintillating conclusion of the double eliminations. The event came to a fitting end as a big, powerful south swell and winds of 25 to 35 knots graced El Medano, which resulted in some of the best jumping and wave riding of the entire competition. In the end, Philip Köster successfully defended his single elimination victory after a big battle against Victor Fernandez, whilst Daida Ruano Moreno dug deep to claim her first event victory since July 2011, by defeating her sister Iballa Ruano Moreno in the super final.

Lip smashing

Men’s Double Elimination

The first heat of the day saw Ricardo Campello improve on his overnight 5th place as he defeated Thomas Traversa to move into 4th place. The Brazilian started slowly after failing to land his first two jumps - a double forward and pushloop forward attempt - but he managed to keep his composure to fight back with a perfectly executed double earning him 10s across the board, before adding a clean one-footed backloop. Traversa didn’t enjoy his best heat, but the Frenchman still produced a brilliantly frontside 360 as he finished in fifth place overall.

Next up for Campello was Victor Fernandez, and unfortunately for Campello, the Spaniard was inspired as he racked up the highest score of the day thus far with 34 points! Fernandez opened with a stunning double forward, and then unleashed some of the best riding of the day, which included a superb goiter off the lip combined with numerous fluid, aggressive, vertical frontside gauges. Campello tried to respond with a huge pushloop forward attempt but he couldn’t quite pull it off and so it was Fernandez who advanced into the battle for second and third place.

Awaiting for Fernandez in Heat 34 was local boy Alex Mussolini, but it was the 2010 World Champion who excelled once again to progress into the winners’ final. Fernandez continued to impress as he launched himself into a big double forward and yet more brilliant wave riding. Mussolini did have his moments but missed his biggest opportunity after landing a great frontside 360, but he couldn’t quite back it up when trying to make a second frontside 3 on the same wave.

Men’s Double Elimination: Winners’ Final

A mouthwatering final was set up between longtime rivals Victor Fernandez - who was in sensational form - and the reigning World Champion Philip Köster and the final certainly didn’t disappoint, as both sailors pushed their limits. Fernandez was leading for a while as he demonstrated his excellent wave selection and outstanding execution again, before landing a massive double forward right in front of Köster. At this point, the wonder kid stormed upwind and found himself the perfect ramp for an outstanding stalled double forward. From here, Köster landed a huge frontside wave 360 before adding a super stylish taka. Before the heat was finished, the nineteen year old also launched himself into an extremely stylish one-handed, one-footed backloop to score the highest score of the week - 35.43 points - and in doing so deservedly claim the event title as he makes the perfect start to the season! Here are some words from the winner Philip Köster:

“I saw Victor's big double and with it being the final I knew I had to go big, especially because Victor was sailing so well. I wanted to go for a pushloop forward but I couldn't find the right ramp for it, but I was really happy with my stalled double, I went higher than I was expecting and I'm really stoked to win the event.”

Late double forward from Philip

Women’s Double Elimination

Nayra Alonso faced Steffi Wahl in the first women’s heat of the day in a rerun of their single elimination duel. As in the single, Wahl was able to come out on top to progress into the next round. The two women were almost inseparable in the air, but Wahl just had the edge in the waves to set up a tie against Karin Jaggi. Unfortunately for the German, she couldn’t find a way to defeat Jaggi, despite scoring the best wave of the heat in the dying moments.

Wave of the Day

Iballa Ruano Moreno
produced the wave of the day in Heat 34 against Jaggi to set up another all Moreno winners’ final once more. Iballa delivered a gauging frontside hit in the critical section of the wave as well as backing it up with three vertical frontside snaps to earn perfect 10s from the judges. Jaggi landed a big backloop and a pushloop but it wasn’t enough as the Swiss gem finished in third place.

Women's Double Elimination: Winners’ Final

Just like last year, Iballa Ruano Moreno was able to defeat her sister - Daida Ruano Moreno in the winners’ final to force a super final. Iballa landed a technically perfect backloop only for Daida to land a higher backloop, but Iballa made the better of the waves to set up the second battle for first place.

Women's Double Elimination: Super Final

With Iballa looking to storm back and take the victory in exactly the same circumstances as last year, Daida stepped up her performance to claim her first victory since July 2011. Iballa opened the super final with a big forward loop, but she couldn’t quite hold onto a huge backloop after just failing to hold it on the landing. At this point Daida responded with a beautifully controlled big backloop to take control of the heat. Iballa linked together a solid wave consisting of a frontside air and a powerful frontside hit, but this time around it wasn’t enough to stop Daida from climbing to the top of the podium as she stomped a big stalled forward and showed better wave selection than in the winners’ final to put together several great waves consisting some big front and backside slashes. Daida also went for broke as she attempted a frontside wave 360 and a goiter. It wasn’t long until the results were announced and she will leave Tenerife at the top of the overall rankings after a terrific display. Daida Ruano Moreno speaking after claiming victory:

“I knew against Iballa I just had to go higher and more powerful. You all saw what Iballa can do in the final. In the warm-up, I damaged my Quad 74 liters and had to take a smaller board in the final, which made things a bit more difficult, but overall I'm super stoked. Also I’d like to thank all our sponsors as without them it wouldn't be possible for us to do what we are doing!”

Backside hit

With the official contest finished here in Tenerife, tomorrow will see the next generation of windsurfers hit the water as the junior contest takes place. The skippers’ meeting will take place at 11 AM with the first possible start at 11:30 AM.

Results After Double Elimination - Men’s Wave

1st Philip Köster
Victor Fernandez
3rd Alex Mussolini
4th Ricardo Campello
5th Thomas Traversa
6th Marcilio Browne
7th John Skye
7th Leon Jamaer
9th Jamie Hancock
9th Adam Lewis
9th Jules Denel
9th Dany Bruch

Results After Double Elimination - Women’s Wave

1st Daida Ruano Moreno
2nd Iballa Ruano Moreno
Karin Jaggi
4th Steffi Wahl
5th Nayra Alonso

Day 4: An epic day as howling winds and big waves bombard the shores of El Medano

The fourth day of the PWA Tenerife World Cup saw the best conditions of the week so far as winds of 35 to 42 knots and big waves bombarded the shores of El Medano. The action which followed for the entirety of the day, was nothing short of epic, as the most radical sailors in the world launched themselves into the biggest gravity-defying stunts on the planet. After an enthralling eight hours of competition we are now down to the final five sailors in both the men’s and women’s double eliminations, which will be concluded tomorrow.

Battle grounds

Men’s Double Elimination: Close Calls

Today witnessed two heats which were almost inseparable. Firstly in the A-side of Heat 22 Klaas Voget battled it out against Jamie Hancock and come the end of the heat there was only 0.05 of a point between the two sailors. Thankfully for Hancock, the decision went in his favor after a slightly better performance on the wave, which included a radical frontside 360 and several vertical turns. The Brit progressed one further round after defeating Dario Ojeda, before fellow compatriot John Skye proved too strong, but he still finished the double in the Top 10.

The next agonizingly close heat featured Dany Bruch and Leon Jamaer in Heat 29-B. Bruch was ahead for much of the heat, but Jamaer pulled it out of the bag with his final wave of the day, as he racked up the best wave of the heat to snatch the victory by 0.05 points.

Another Dany 360

Striking Late

One of the most exciting battles of the day proved to be the final heat as Ricardo Campello lined up against Marcilio Browne. In the heat prior to this, Browne produced the highest scores of the day as he accumulated 31.63 points against Leon Jamaer. The Brazilian landed a perfect double forward and a big, fully planing frontside wave 360 to rack up the points early on. Campello, meanwhile, raised the bar even further as he produced the first tweaked pushloop-forward of the competition to end John Skye’s hopes - The Brit suffered a broken universal joint and mast mid-way through a double forward - as well as setting up the mouthwatering tie against Brawzinho.

Browne opened the heat in almost identical fashion to the last as he stomped a brilliant double forward and a frontside 360 again. On the other hand Campello’s first run ended without a jump, but he soon tacked and made amends for the with an absolutely amazing stalled double forward, off of an already breaking wave. With one minute to go the two sailors were tied on points, but it was Campello who managed to step-up and claim the victory as he propelled himself into a massive tweaked pushloop to setup a battle for fourth and beyond with Thomas Traversa.

Waves of the Day

Adam Lewis produced one of the waves of the day as did Scott McKercher. In Heat 23-A, Lewis combined a powerful frontside smack with a superb frontside wave 360 before finishing off the wave with a couple of extra gauging turns. The Brit looked in good form, but unfortunately he was a little off his best when facing Ricardo Campello and so he finishes the double in ninth place.

As already mentioned, Scott McKercher produced the other really outstanding wave of the day against Ben Proffitt. The former world champion landed a sick frontside air before backing it up with another aggressive hack, which sent the spray flying to receive 8.88 points from the judges and progress into the next round.

Scotty still has it

Injury Hits

The one sour note - on an otherwise fantastic day - involved Boujmaa Guilloul who suffered a suspected broken foot in the warm up, after landing a stunning super tweaked tabletop forward. The Moroccan’s injury saw Florian Jung receive a bye into the next round. Everyone at the PWA and Starboard wishes Boujmaa a speedy recovery.

Women’s Double Elimination

Amanda Beenen looked in impressive form in Heat 44 as she stomped a forward loop along with several fluid turns, including one top turn which the Dutch girl almost rotated into a taka. Beenen’s performance saw her through to the next round after defeating Caroline Weber. The otherwise side of the heat saw Nayra Alonso end Arrianne Aukes’ fight back in the double.

Heat 45 saw Alice Arutkin and Eva Oude Ophius progress as they defeated Katrien Smits and Justyna Sniady respectively. When they met in the next round, it was Oude Ophius who came out on top as her forward loop and fluid wave rides clinched her the victory.

Next up for Oude Ophius was Nayra Alonso - who was the standout sailor of the day - and the Spaniard continued to excel in Heat 31 as she booked her place in the battle for fourth and fifth place against Steffi Wahl tomorrow. Over the duration of the day, Alonso demonstrated her stylish wave riding time and time again, as well as growing in confidence in the air as she landed super clean forwards and big tabletops as well as attempting a couple of backloops. Alonso will now have her sights on the podium after a fine fourth day in Tenerife.

The double eliminations are now beautifully poised for tomorrow. The fight for the top spots will be resumed tomorrow, with the skippers’ meeting being held at 9:30 AM and the action commencing from 10 AM. With a superb looking forecast it looks as though the finals should be taking place in epic conditions, so prepare yourself to see some truly breathtaking action on the water. Don’t miss a thing by tuning into the PWA TV!

Dany flying high

Day 3: Tenerife goes off as Philip Koster and Daida Ruano Moreno come out on top

The third day of the PWA Tenerife World Cup saw the much anticipated conclusion of the men’s and women’s single eliminations. With winds gusting to 40 knots and some of the best waves of the contest so far, the elite of the wave sailing world put on an amazing display, which eventually saw Philip Köster and Daida Ruano Moreno claim the opening victories of the week. At 2:15 PM, the men’s double elimination began allowing the majority of the first round to be completed, before both the wind and wave conditions deteriorated.

Total control

Men’s Single Elimination - Winners’ Final

Alex Mussolini saw off Victor Fernandez in Heat 15 - to book his place in the winners’ final - by the narrowest of margins, as the two sailors finished the heat tied on equal points. The decision went in Mussolini’s favor thanks to him obtaining the highest single wave score of 8.5 points, which consisted of two brilliant frontside wave 360s on the same wave. Reigning World Champion Philip Köster also booked his place in the winners’ final after overcoming Thomas Traversa in the semis.

Alex Mussolini made the stronger start to the winners’ final as he landed a frontside wave 360 on his first wave, followed by two really smooth takas on the second. To back up his early wave scores the Spaniard launched into a brilliant one-handed, one-footed backloop, but it didn’t take Köster long to fight back - despite a slower than usual start.

The eighteen year old soon found a great wave of his own and he took full advantage as he went on to throw two frontside aerials on the same wave. Köster then performed a perfect one-handed, one-footed backloop of his own, before storming back upwind to find a ramp for one of his trademark double forwards! Mussolini had one more superb wave in the tank consisting of a radical frontside 360, a snappy top turn and a quick taka to finish the wave, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Wonderkid from marching to another victory after he showed off some more devastating front and particularly backside cutbacks before the end of the heat.

Perfect jumps, better waveriding

Victor Fernandez put that disappointment of missing out on a place in the winners’ final by claiming the remaining spot on the podium after he defeated Thomas Traversa in the battle for third and fourth place respectively. A perfect double forward and a stylish one-footed backloop combined with some powerful fluid wave riding kept the Frenchman at bay. Fernandez will now be hoping to force his way into the top two in the double elimination.

Jump of the Day

Philip Köster
produced the best jump of the day as he landed an absolutely outrageous stalled double forward - landed bolt upright - in Heat 14 against John Skye.

Köst Air

Men's Double Elimination

Jamie Hancock left it late against Jonas Ceballos to navigate his way into the next round. With just a couple of minutes to go, the Brit needed a jump and a good wave and that’s exactly what he managed to do as he landed an excellent pushloop, before finishing the heat with the best wave out of the two sailors with multiply vertical turns. The B-side of Heat 18 saw Dario Ojeda defeat Valter Scotto as the Spaniard starts his fight back in the double.

The battle of the Pozo boys - Alessio Stillrich versus Omar Sanchez - eventually saw Sanchez advance with the twenty-two year old's superior wave riding proving crucial on this occasion. Meanwhile, Martin Ten Hoeve produced an excellent display of sailing to dispatch of Albert Pijoan.

Dany flying over El Medano

Florian Jung proved too strong for Peter Volwater in Heat 20 as the German stepped up his performance by throwing a goiter and a technical tabletop forward. Volwater tried to fight back with a double forward attempt, but it wasn’t to be. The final heat to be completed today saw Antoine Martin advance into the second round after he comprehensively dispatched of Jochen Stolz. On his way to victory, the Frenchman produced the best wave of the double elimination so far as he carved into a radical frontside wave 360 before backing it up with a solid frontside turn. With confidence being high, Martin also attempted a tweaked cheese roll, which looked extremely stylish and not a million miles away from being landed.

Heat 21 had to be canceled half way through due to deteriorating wind and wave conditions and despite holding on until 5 PM, the conditions showed no sign of improving and the sailors were promptly released for the day.

Women’s Single Elimination - Winners’ Final

The legendary Moreno Twins - Iballa Ruano Moreno and Daida Ruano Moreno - set up yet another final against each other after they defeated Steffi Wahl and Karin Jaggi respectively in the semifinals. Daida opened the final with a backloop, whilst Iballa had to settle for a well executed forward, despite desperately hunting for a ramp for a bigger jump. With both of the women struggling for power, they both opted to race in for an equipment change, which soon paid dividends for Daida as she threw herself into a huge forward loop before landing a text-book one-handed backloop. Daida also came out on top on the wave as she connected several vertical, fluid turns to ensure that she would be standing at the top of the podium come the end of the heat. After a few minutes of waiting it was soon revealed that Daida had indeed claimed victory.

Daida with the one-handed

Karin Jaggi claimed third place ahead of Steffi Wahl in the losers’ final thanks largely to her extra firepower in the air. The Swiss gem rotated through a great forward loop before also landing a backloop. With Wahl only landing a forward it was always going to be an almost impossible battle for the German to fight her way onto the podium.

With a brilliant looking forecast promising plenty of wind and a slightly bigger swell for tomorrow, the skippers’ meeting has been called for 9 AM with the action resuming from 09:30 AM.


Results after Men's Single Elimination

1. Philip Köster

Alex Mussolini

3. Victor Fernandez

4. Thomas Traversa

5. John Skye

5. Dany Bruch

Ricardo Campello

5. Marcilio Browne

Winners of the Single

Day 2: The conclusion of the single elimination is on the horizon

The second day of competition in Tenerife required patience from both the sailors and the judges as marginal conditions teased the competitors until 4 PM. Earlier in the day, an attempt was made to complete the resail of women’s Heat 10 but light winds soon brought an end to the proceedings. Eventually though good, but sometimes tricky, conditions did prevail with winds of 22 to 30 knots and small to medium sized waves rolling through the bay of El Medano, meaning that wave selection played a key role today.

Going out

Men’s Single Elimination

The first men’s heat of the day featured Klaas Voget versus Dany Bruch and the local boy took full advantage of his extra knowledge of the spot to select better waves, which eventually proved critical as Bruch advanced after linking several fluid turns with a superb frontside wave 360 and a one-handed, one-footed backloop. Meanwhile, Victor Fernandez dispatched of Phil Horrocks as the 2010 World Champion rotated through a perfect one-footed backloop before throwing caution to the wind as he launched into a brilliant frontside wave 360 in the critical section.

Dany going for the perfect 360

Marcilio Brawzinho demonstrated that he’s a real contender for top honors this week as he wasted little time in Heat 10 to rack up the highest scoring heat of the day thus far. The Brazilian propelled himself into a perfect double forward before boosting a radical frontside wave 360 off the lip to open a big lead over Adam Lewis. The Brit tried to respond, but the ramps and waves didn’t quite align for him on his occasion and Browne marched on. On the B-side of the heat, Alex Mussolini progressed against Kenneth Danielsen.

Heat 11 witnessed the closest heat of the day as Boujmaa Guilloul lined up against Thomas Traversa. The Moroccan looked in much better form than on the opening day as he quickly made amends for a flamed backloop by tweaking a pushloop table top. From here, Guilloul landed a forward off the lip as well as several smooth turns and a super frontside air to place all of the pressure on Traversa. With just a couple of minutes to go Guilloul held the lead, but Traversa held his nerve to pull a great last wave out of the bag, which proved just enough, 0.87 points ahead, to escape an otherwise earlier than expected exit.

The Frenchman will now face Ricardo Campello in the last eight after he successfully defeated Jules Denel. Neither sailor enjoyed a particularly strong start to the heat and it wasn’t until Campello exploded into a massive double forward that he started to relax. With the nerves now settled, Campello then showed what he can truly do with a stylish frontside wave 360 and a selection of powerful turns, which sent the spray flying.

Boujmaa's trademark style

The A-side of Heat 12 saw John Skye take on Aleix Sanllehy; who knocked out Dario Ojeda yesterday; but the Catalonian couldn’t cause another upset today as Skye advanced with better wave selection and more consistent execution over the duration of the heat. The final men’s heat of the day saw Ben Proffitt versus Philip Köster and it was the reigning World Champion who prevailed.

The voice of the PWA opened with a super tweaked pushloop only to have to watch Köster open with one of his trademark double forwards. Proffitt landed a couple of good frontside wave 360s but without a solid second turn, he never quite achieved the big wave scores he required. Köster in the meantime landed an excellent tweaked frontside aerial and a taka to set up a tie against Skye.

Köster lets go

Women’s Single Elimination

Alice Arutkin and Daida Ruano Moreno successfully navigated their way through the resail of Heat 10 to advance into Heat 13, whilst Steffi Wahl and Nayra Alonso also advanced through their second round duels.

In Heat 13, Karin Jaggi saw off the challenge of Eva Oude Ophius with a combination of a great backloop and solid wave rides, whilst on the B-side of the heat saw Daida Ruano Moreno produce a good performance against Alice Arutkin. Meanwhile, Steffi Wahl and Nayra Alonso enjoyed a tight heat in the final battle of the day. Wahl booked her place into the Top 4 eventually after stomping a bolt upright forward and a superb wave - Alonso also produced a terrific wave but the German advanced after a better performance in the air.

Daida on her 2014 NuEvo

With just over 3 hours to complete the single elimination, tomorrow should see the winners’ of the single elimination crowned. The skippers’ meeting has been called for 10 AM, with the first possible start at 10:30 AM. Follow all of the brilliant action live by tuning into PWA World Tour!

Day 1: A tribute to Andre Paskowski as the contest kicks off in Tenerife

The inaugural day of the PWA Tenerife World Cup saw the sailors registering in the morning. And with good conditions from the beginning of the day; winds of 25 to 30knots and waist to head high waves; the competition promptly began just after 1:30 PM with the completion of the Trials, after which a touching two minute silence was held in tribute of Andre Paskowski - who sadly lost his battle to cancer yesterday.

Men’s Trials

With six spots remaining in the main draw, 12 competitors lined up in the qualifiers to fight for the final places. The trials saw three heats take place as 4 sailors at a time battled it out against each other. In the opening heat, Scott McKercher and Moritz Mauch successfully advanced past Pablo Ramirez, with McKercher coming out on top with a demonstration of powerful turns and a backloop! The second heat saw Martin ten Hoeve standout against his fellow competitors as he comfortably booked himself a place in the main draw. Also advancing with the Dutchman was Florian Jung, who just edged out Eric Sanllehy by way of a 2:1 decision from the judges in his favor. Alessio Stillrich and Jonas Ceballos also safely navigated their way into the main draw in the final heat.

Scott McKercher power hitter

Men's Single Elimination

With the Trials being completed, the single elimination began shortly after 3 PM as the first round was completed - leaving only the Top 16 men standing.

The opening heat saw Klaas Voget and Dany Bruch produce an assured display of sailing as they saw off Michael Kleingarn and Scott McKercher.

The A-side of Heat 2 witnessed the closest contest of the day as Phil Horrocks took on Leon Jamaer. In the end, Horrocks advanced by quarter of a point with the Brit's super tweaked pushloop and powerful, vertical turns on the wave proving just enough to see him advance into Heat 9; where he will face Victor Fernandez after the Spaniard knocked out Moritz Mauch by landing the first double forward of the competition.

Boujmaa Guilloul recovered from a slow start in Heat 5 to fight back and claim victory against Albert Pijoan. On the B-side of the heat, Thomas Traversa excelled in the wave riding department as he linked several fluid turns with an explosive frontside wave 360.

The Bouj tweaking

Heat 7 saw the first and only real upset of the day as Aleix Sanllehy comprehensively dispatched of Dario Ojeda. The Catalonian opened with a stunning tweaked pushloop and from here he never looked back as he setup a tie with John Skye, after the Brit dispatched of Valter Scotto.

The final men’s heat of the day saw the reigning world champion - Philip Köster - in action and he looked his brilliant best in the air. The eighteen year old earned the first 10's of the competition as he opened with a trademark, bolt upright double forward! Despite impressing in the air, Köster didn’t quite look his normal self on the wave, but he still advanced past Jonas Ceballos - who landed a fantastic tweaked pushloop before the start of the heat, unfortunately for him. The A-side of the panel saw an all English affair between Ben Proffitt and Jamie Hancock. This time around, it was Proffitt who came out on top as he landed a super tweaked pushloop and a couple of super waves to book his place in the next round.

Philip going for the front side air

Women’s Single Elimination

Arrianne Aukes negotiated her way through her first ever heat on the PWA Wave World Tour as she defeated Josine Schmitz. Also advancing from the first round were Maria Andres and Sara Sommer. Eva Oude Ophius and Karin Jaggi cruised their way into the third round of the women’s single elimination after seeing off Caroline Weber and Maria Andres respectively in Heat 9.

Heat 11 was the final heat of the day to be completed due to deteriorating conditions, but Steffi Wahl and Nayra Alonso will end the day happy after advancing into Heat 14. Alonso clinically dispatched of Waka Nishida as the Spaniard landed a good forward loop as well as delivering several fluid wave rides.

Daida and her sponsors

Tomorrow will see the completion of Heat 10 and 12 for the ladies, before the men’s single elimination is resumed. With a positive looking forecast - promising both wind and waves - the skippers’ meeting has been called for 10 AM with the action commencing from 10:30 AM. Of course you’ll be able to follow all of the enthralling action live by following the PWA TV here!

Event Preview

With the PWA Tenerife World Cup just a few days away we take a look at the sailors who are most likely to be challenging for the men’s and women’s titles respectively. After the opening event in Pozo amazingly saw no result, there’s still all to play for in Tenerife and the pressure will be on for the big guns to make a flying start to the season.

With a fantastic looking forecast it looks as though we should see some epic action on the water, but who’s going to be coming out on top?

Title Contenders

As the reigning PWA Wave World Champion and the winner of last year’s event in Tenerife, Philip Köster stands as the favorite. The wonder-kid is gunning for a third successive world title and he’ll be looking to pull out his trademark double loops, pushloop-forwards and perhaps his secret move too...?

Alex Mussolini pushed Köster all the way in Tenerife last year and he’ll be looking to try and go one better when the event begins. The Spaniard is world renowned for his super smooth and stylish wave riding, Mussolini also spends much of his time in El Cabezo throughout the year and he’ll be looking to use his additional local knowledge to out maneuver his opponents with better wave selection.

The 2010 PWA Wave World Champion, Victor Fernandez completed the podium in 2012 and the Spaniard will be looking to raise his game by pulling out his perfect double forwards and one-handed goiters. Expect to see Fernandez challenging for top honors over the week ahead. Of course there are other contenders such as the likes of Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne, local boy and event organiser Dany Bruch and France’s Thomas Traversa to name a few...

The legendary Moreno Twins - Iballa Ruano Moreno and Daida Ruano Moreno - will no doubt enter the event as the favorites. It’s hard to call on which one will come out on top though. Last year, Iballa won every event on the tour to emphatically claim the PWA Wave World Championship. However, Daida has shown she’s more than ready to take top spot again having won the super session in Pozo. One things for sure though, there will definitely be another epic battle taking battle between the two sisters.

Karin Jaggi represents the biggest threat to the almost untouchable twins. The multiple time world champion possesses perfect backloops and fluid wave riding, which could see her force her way into the top two.

You'll be able to follow all of the incredible action live by tuning into the PWA World Tour website and from the daily reports on the Starboard website. See you on August 3rd!

- Text and pictures are courtesy of John Carter / PWA World Tour -