Sarah Quita goes Blue Lagoon, Dahab

Here’s a quick update on my latest trip: I had a 10 day break in between semesters in mid april so I decided to make a quick trip somewhere so I could get some much needed windsurfing hours in. I heard from Laure Treboux she would be in Dahab around the same time I could go there so I didn’t have to think twice about booking my ticket there ! Dahab has been on my to do list for quite some time now and I’m still excited that I was actually able to go...

Dahab definitely lived up to my expectations and I dare say it was even better than I thought it would be. Even though in april the wind is very unpredictable as the weather is changing from winter to summer mode I sailed 6 times out of 9 days. I had really relaxed sessions on my 5.2 and 4.8 as well as fully overpowered conditions on my 4.4

The highlight of my trip was a trip to the famous “blue lagoon” with Laure Treboux, Vic and Math Coleloug and Alex Seyss. There is absolutely nothing to do there but sleeping, eating,relaxing or windsurfing. We were only going to spend one day there so we needed to make the most out of it ! I think we ended up sailing for about 6 hours in total. 2 before breakfast ( we were on the water at 8 AM) another 2 before Lunch and then another 2 hours before we were forced to stop because of the setting sun and our boat transfer that had arrived. I hadn’t touched my equipment for 9 weeks before this and thought I needed a lot of catching up to do but the moment I stepped on my board it all felt really natural. That day made up for the the almost 2,5 months I didn’t sail. I probably had one of the best sessions to date ! I was fully powered on my 4.4 Pure and 91 Flare, landing burners, kono’s some air funnels, double spocks and a ponch ( that ponch besides the burners was probably the highlight move for me hehehe).

The spot is amazing !! the wind and chop is constant so it’s perfect for training as you get the same conditions for a move over and over again. When we arrived back home later that night I was still buzzing from the trip and fully energized. However the next morning was a different story. I could NOT get up. My body was aching all over. That just reminded me of how much of a full body work out windsurfing actually is and no amount of training in the gym can prepare you for that.
It took me about 2 days to recover.

It was also the 2nd dahab festival where watersports are promoted in Dahab. The locals organized a night of tow in windsurfing with quite some big crowds at the beach. This was my 2nd go at this and I had sooo much fun. I didn’t stick all the moves but it was definitely an adrenaline rush. I would love to train this a bit more. There were also other really good riders present like Maarten van Ochten, Alex Seyss, Jamie Drummond, Loich spicher, Arrianne Aukes and of course the local riders who were very impressive.

During the festival they had also organized a freestyle competition and an expression session. During the expression session the wind was absolutely howling. Really regretted not having my 4.0 there. The good thing about this though is that moment you do duck your sail perfectly and launching into massive kono’s. I didn’t necessarily land them, but just that feeling of losing sense of gravity and touching down again is amazing.

Laure, Arrianne and I competed in a heat with the Egyptian locals. The biggest move would win. I won this heat landing 2 skopu’s a double spock and a double flaka! Yay ! All in all I had a great trip! It was nice to sail with Arriane and Laure. Eventhough sailing with guys is quite motivating it is even more motivating sailing with other girls that are also pushing the limits. Seeing Laure going for culo’s made me practice even harder as well as Arrianne trying ponches on flat water.

Besides that I would like to thank Laure, the whole crew at club Planet : Mahmoud, Salama, dan, Maik, Reda and Santos for making this trip for one of my most memorable ones !


Sarah Quita

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