Steven, Nick and Michiel are World Champions!

Having received feedback from all three World Champions, it seems like Marseille was a light-wind affair throughout the final days of the IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships.

Nevertheless, Starboard performed the hell out of the event by bringing in all three categories with a #1 spot. Michiel Cooman did very well in the ProKids section, whereas Steven Max got 3rd in that category but dominated the junior class.

In the end, Netherlands own Nick van Ingen reigned supreme in the Youth class Nick simply remains a forced to be reckoned with. One single elimination was finished in all three categories: Pro Kids, Juniors and Youth.

The Juniors with windsurfing royaltie; the Moussilmani twins!

Nick's report:

So last week I went to the ProKids Freestyle World in Marseille.

The competition : we didn't get very good wind, but enough for a single elimination.The conditions were tough; light winds and super choppy water. We got some good other riders as well, Rafael de Windt from CuraƧao (second place) and Antoine Albert from New Caledonia (third place) and at fourth we got Yentel Cears from Belgium. The overal level was high and it was hard to judge the moves since we all did the same light-wind moves, but finally I stuck them with more power, cleaner and with more spin, hahahha!!!

The most day's we didn't have wind so we had to do tow-in freestyle. It was a lot of fun, and we made it into a good show for the public with moves like airfunnels - burners and airflaka's .

Greets Nick van Ingen H-122

Nick representing

Steven Max's report:

In very low wind conditions I Battled it out against Israel's National Freestyle Champion, Jonathan Yagen, who gave me a hard time on the water, making this heat the most exciting of the whole event. In the end I came out of victoriously, a long awaited dream coming true.

On Sunday, June 24th, during the award ceremony, the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA), who oversees and organizes the yearly world championships and is the only one that can issue the official youth world titles, handed over my award; I love prize giving ceremonies ;-)

I am super stoked and very pleased with the results of a very good and fun event. But I also can't wait to go back to Aruba, because wind is blowing over 30 knots right now and I want to try out my new Hotsails Freestyle Pro sails.

I would like to dedicate my accomplishments to my sponsors, New India Assurance, DHL, Hotsails, Starboard, GNC, I love Aruba and Malta Polar.

Final Result Pro Kids
De Cooman, Michiel BEL 161
Lasore, Mattijs BEL 160
Max, Steven ARU 888

Final Result Juniors
Max, Steven ARU 888
Yagen, Jonathan ISR 02
Lasore, Mattijs BEL 160
De Cooman, Michiel BEL 161

Final Result Youths
Van Ingen, Nick NED 122
De Windt, Rafael CUR 45
Albert, Antoine NC 21
Caers, Yentel BEL 16

Shaka by Steven Max

Slider by Steven Max

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