Taty Frans will do the full 2012 slalom tour

Taty Frans and Lionel Motiere, Antoine Questel to the far left, and the other Antoine ;-)

During the festivities of the St.Barth Fun Cup (3 days!), something exciting happened when passionate windsurfer Lionel Motiere, one of the organizers of the event, was going over the results. With his company Diapason Commodities Management, already sponsoring the event, Lionel noticed the Taty Frans's achievements who initially only came to St.Barth for a freestyle demonstration, but ended up with a second place in the overall rankings.

Sympathizing with Taty "NB-9" Frans who is a very talented slalom sailor in addition to his freestyle aspirations, he wanted to make sure that Taty would be able to do the whole slalom tour instead of participating only at those events where slalom and freestyle meet.

Lionel and Taty discussed the idea and how to go about this, and after some e-mail correspondence, it's official; Taty will do the full slalom tour, starting from the Reggio Calabria World Cup in Italy this April. From an initial plan where Lionel would finance the first tickets, enabling Taty to compete and get the prize money that would hopefully secure him the resources to compete in the rest of the slalom tour, Lionel managed to find another sponsor, ensuring Taty's participation on the entire tour.

The 2012 season is shaping up to become very interesting...

Source: Lionel Motiere/Diapason Commodities Management, Windsurfjournal.com
Photos : Chrystèle Escure/Chrystele-escure-photo.com

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