The new 2012 Quad video is now online


The Dream Team and the new 2012 Quad

The Quads are the all-out powerful wave designs that generate maximum speed and drive, bringing an awesome production of speed, flow and power to your sailing. Stable and direct in feel, the Quads are most rewarding when driven hard off the rails for power turns. They like to turn on a full rail. With their four-fin grip, they give a very connected-to-the-wave-face sensation yet they still give the ability to lose the tail when extended through the lip for a rotational, whipped move.

Powerful, carving rail riders like Scott McKercher and Kevin Pritchard live for such performance.

The Quads integrate Starboard's Adaptability concept: the ability to adapt intelligently to the rider's specific riding style and tune to match the conditions of the day.

Scott McKercher, Head of Wave R&D:
"In either down-the-line conditions or onshore, the Quads contain speed well through a bottom or top turn whilst also being able to produce incredible speed and drive for the aggressive rider. With speed and power, the rider can aggressively smack the lip, throw tail or project into an air move. Straight line planing feel: a test winner for its planing ability and top-end speed, the Quad is a surprising performer in this category. The fin area from multiple fins provides excellent lift up onto the plane, whilst the center of effort is close to the board and spread over the entire tail, meaning it's very controllable at high speed in high wind conditions."

Scott McKercher on a 2012 Quad 82, Hookipa

Key features:

- Smooth, continuous rockerlines have a flattened out area under the back foot
- Vee bottom feeds into a mono-concave in the tail
- Soft, rounded rails in the midsection and the nose for a smooth grip
- Compact, wide and powerful outlines
- New 2012 Quad 87 shape: its bottom shape has been tweaked to include less Vee in the midsection, smoothening out its rockerline for a more constant curve.
- Heel bumpers
- Four G10 Quad fins supplied as standard
- Ultra-light Slot Boxes are used for minimal weight (plugs are also included with the board)

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