WindSurfCoaching in Jericoacoara with Colin and Marco

Head over to Brazil with Starboard team riders Colin Dixon and Marco Wedele, come back with a tan and some new moves and get all of your friends back home jealous..! That's what the guys at WindSurfCoaching are offering you for November...!

Colin "Whippy" Dixon and Marco "Dancing" Wedele from WSC (WindSurfCoaching) are heading out to Brazil for their winter clinic abroad in Jericoacora!

The clinic is dated for the last 2 weeks in November (Week of the 18th and Week of the 25th) and is aimed to people that would like to get an introduction to waves, bump and jump and some forward looping. And some of that fancy Brazilian lifestyle to escape the winter for a little bit longer!

Since Colin and Marco know the area quite well from former travels, apart from taking you out on the ideal spots, they can organize the best accommodations and will take you to the best restaurants in town as well!

hat time of year, it's going to be windy every day so be ready for full action-packed days and very relaxing and enjoyable evenings!

For further information, please visit their WindSurfCoaching website by clicking here or even better, get directly in contact with them by sending an email to

If you don't know what the guys at WindSurfCoaching are all about, it might be time to check out their "Go Pro" DVD. This new instructional DVD uses all the modern tools available to help you visualize the moves better and in turn, learn faster. It's an amazing teaching tool you should consider...! Have a look at their latest trailer below: