The iSonic Speed Specials are the pure speed needles of Starboard's range. Technically advanced designs, they are reserved for the best of speed sailors who know what they need to go fast. Not just the feeling of going fast, but knowing that speed is the result of meticulous GPS measurements and the combination of hours of tuning with perfect riding expertise.

The two middle sizes, the W49 and W54, are designed for consistently fast runs throughout a wide range of conditions. These are the typical choices for speed riders on the tour. The largest size, the W58, is quite wide by speed-board standards. It is designed to deliver the highest possible top speed in relatively light wind conditions. The W44 is designed for one purpose in mind: the absolute highest possible speed on a windsurfer.

Ultimately the Starboard's fastest boards. For speed experts competing on the race tour, for GPS speed sailors and for Bjorn himself.

W44, W49, W54: constant vee bottom shape with 70cm flat, except for the W44 that has a 60cm flat / W58: double concave front section feeding into a vee tail. 70cm flat section.

The iSonic Speed Specials are built in a specially developed Speed Technology: a pure carbon construction with carbon overlapping-rail-wraps for maximum stiffness. No-paint finish on the deck and rails - for minimum weight

New insert positions give two extra-narrow stance options. The 2012 models also have only one row per strap instead of two rows - reduces weight.

iSonic Speed Special W.44
iSonic Speed Special W.49
iSonic Speed Special W.54
iSonic Speed Special W.58
Carbon Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended fin Recommended sail range Weight (Carbon)
o 57 230 43.7 25.6 11 Flat Vee 1 W/O Fin Tuttle 20-26 Drake Slalom Pro 260 5.1-6.2 4.5
o 64 230 49.5 29 11 Flat Vee 1 W/O Fin Tuttle 22-28 Drake Slalom Pro 280 5.6-7 4.7
o 72 230 54.5 33.7 11.1 Flat Vee 1 W/O Fin Tuttle 26-32 Drake Slalom Pro 300 6.2-7.8 4.90
o 84 230 58 36.3 10.6 Flat to Double Concave 1 W/O Fin Tuttle 28-34 Drake Slalom Pro 320 5.8-8+ 5.4