Futura 133 WoodCarbon, SURF (Germany), May 2011

On land: Somewhat of a tradition, Starboard enters this test again with obviously the widest board of the group. And apart from that, the domed back part of the tail and the thinned out nose (we lovingly called it the bird’s bath) will strike the eye. The shape is based on a continuous strong V with a mild double concave.

On the water: Being the widest and equipped with the most fin surface, we expected the Futura to do very well in light-wind conditions. Early, carefree planing, good acceleration and a fin that will accept foot pressure very early on all result in an above-the-water, free planing sensation. And it already gets going in lower- and medium winds. Board and fin will require a little more input from your back leg, but after that it just runs over chop while the wide shape does not compromise comfort or control in any way. The strongly accentuated domed deck will easily accommodate even the most arched feet and feels comfortable both in inside and outside settings of the straps. And the Futura behaves just as comfortable when gybing, where it carves reassuringly and maintains a constant radius, even if a rider involuntarily shifts his weight around. The board also clamps down on the competition in performance testing, although this requires a little more force due to its bigger fin.

SURF-recommendation: An exceptionally stable, light-wind board that needs some body tension to ride the chop. The bigger fin sometimes requires a little more force as well.