"This is our shaping bay, where figments of our imaginations and the silver lining of our dreams morph into reality: smoothly sanded, naked foam boards cut down from anonymous square blanks. This is where our journey begins.

From this room, hundreds of prototypes leave to travel the world in the hands of windsurfing's best athletes. Tested, selected and refined along the way, only a few return: the winners of a Darwinian natural selection process; the strongest, fittest, fastest boards of their generation.

At the end of our journey, there is the unique board that rides under your feet; the most cutting edge design, the most advanced shape, made of the best materials to become part of the finest generation of windsurfing boards ever developed.

As you begin your journey with a Starboard under your feet, we will be back in the shaping bay. Shaping, glassing and testing. Imagining and dreaming up new concepts. The cycle lives on.

Here's to every new beginning, to Jim and to our shaping bay where our visions transition from the dream world to the real world."

Tiesda You