Since the day Jim Drake first went windsurfing back in 1967 until today the world has changed, our windsurfing gear has changed, our techniques have changed and we have changed. Jim passed away this year after creating the sport and giving it a father figure for 45 years. He was as excited about new developments as ever and as each day passes us be we feel the loss grow. His main advise to us on how to grow our sport was to find better ways to include women into windsurfing, broadening the social aspect of our sport. Jim also was the initiator of the Gemini Tandem project, much for the same reasons.

Tiesda You, Remi Vila and Scott McKercher remain our main team and continue to create gear with dream team members like Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Philip Koster. There also are new think tanks like Dany Bruch, Taty Frans and Kiri Thode coming through with bright new ideas.

The Olympic decision concerning windsurfing was unfair and uneducated. It was probably also an indication that on that Olympic gear should be more attractive and better performing in lighter winds to make it an exciting racing class. We see 2020 as the next Olympic opportunity and hopefully the games will be held in a windy venue.

My gear tip of the year would be the Phantom 295 package. It’s the best all-round kit for most windsurfers in most places most of the time and it’s my favorite gear as well.

Windsurfing used to mainly be an inland sport, lakes all over the world were full of action and there was a fair amount of ladies sharing their passion for windsurfing. My dream is to see surfers of the wind once again gliding over waterways everywhere and at the same time push the very limit of the sport by winning the Professional Windsurfer Associations Constructors title time after time.

The future will again be full of changes and the new fashion might be back to sharing windsurfing with family and friends, just like Jim did back in 1967.

Svein Rasmussen