Over the 34 years of the sport's evolution we have been involved in 17 of them as windsurfing developers, striving to make better equipment and campaigns for every riding style.

The very first time one tries windsurfing one decides if there will be a second time, thus our crew keeps on developing the best gear for an easy entry into our sport.

The key to our high performance board range is the focus on shapes that are effortless to ride and further combining those shapes with technologies that are forgiving and offer good rebound characteristics for speed and acceleration.

In our world of windsurfing there is a constant flow of ideas and action. You will often see several design names on our boards as it's all about being totally open minded and listening to everyone's idea. For me development is the opportunity to unwrap my own Christmas gifts at every testing weekend.

Last weekend I was testing the 2 new Start boards, and I loved trying these new refined designs. The 10cm longer shape with 3cm lower rocker line makes them glide great in light winds and they get onto plane just like that. I tested the boards with a lot of different mast base positions and sail sizes, to make sure that we get all the details right. They will help getting more people into our sport.

Following Kiri, Taty and Sarah in the PWA freestyle scene is amazing. Philip Köster and Danny Bruch are great fun wave to watch as they take wave action the next level. To work with the best of the best sets our benchmark high; who would 3 years ago bet on Björn winning? All he needed for himself were some great ideas on gear and he was back in action. We are fired up to keep delivering on our promise of innovation & quality. We are together with Tiesda You, Remi Vila, Taty Frans, Björn Dunkerbeck, Kiri Thode, Scott McKercher and the rest of our crew looking ahead towards 2022. These next 10 years will change windsurfing like never before and provide our fair share of ideas and action to make it all happen.

Thanks for making our journey possible and welcome on board for 2012.

Svein Rasmussen

"It's not a stretch to call Svein Rasmussen the leader of a cult. He's got all the signs. Unbridled enthusiasm. Outlandish ideas. A corporate compound in a far-off land.Followers who tattoo his brand's logo on their bodies. He's is one of the most widely recognized windsurfers in the world and possesses the mind responsible for some of the craziest ideas our sport has ever seen. Svein Rasmussen may have saved Windsurfing once. Now he is trying to save it again."
Windsurfing magazine USA 010