Eighty Four new models. 2013 marks our biggest range update ever, among them are some new Köster Kode signature models, a new line of surfing-style NuEvos, all new Quad boards, refreshed Flare freestylers, all-new Futura and iSonic ranges, new Carve models, all-new Go boards and the most exciting addition to our collection: Inflatable WindSUPs.

Pulling off this goal of a largest-ever range update has been made possible by an expanded development team that has allowed us to increase in both depth and breadth of testing and development. Dany Bruch, James Hooper and Philip Köster join Scott McKercher in the development of our wave ranges. Remi Vila today handles the racing program and crosses over into the freeride program, tapping into a huge team of racers and recreational windsurfers for testing feedback. Taty and Sven Akerboom lead the freestyle development and I would join them in the development of the Kode Freestyle Waves and Kode Freemoves. When it comes to entry level boards, WindSUPs, Inflatables and any nutty new ideas that we believe can continue to expend the envelope of windsurfing, it’s all hands on deck.

Most importantly, we’ve been able to team up with Starboard SUP and Severne Sails in the expansion of our WindSUP activities. WindSUP today is windsurfing’s fastest growing segment, and teaming up with these two R&D powerhouses has allowed us to take a leading role in this exciting new evolution of our sport.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our new 2013 collection. A big thank you to everyone who has worked day and night to make Starboard 2013 happen, to Starboard SUP and to Severne Sails. Here’s to a windy year.

Tiesda You
Starboard Brand Manager / Chief Designer