2015 Wave & Freestyle Range

The new 2015 Starboard Wave & Freestyle range is now available in shops everywhere. Completely new Quads by Scott McKercher, a NuEvo range as large as ever with the arrival of the NuEvo 120, stronger Kode Waves for Philip Köster, a larger Black Box, a versatile fin configuration on the new Kode FreeWaves and Flares that keep winning world titles... Yes, there is a lot to discover.

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2015 Quad

The Quads are Starboard’s most versatile wave boards. The unique shape and the four fins generate maximum drive and acceleration, bringing an awesome production of speed, flow and power to your sailing in all wave & wind combinations. Stable and extremely responsive, the Quads are most rewarding when driven off the rails for powerful yet smooth turns. The four-fin grip gives a very connected sensation to the wave yet they still have the ability to lose the tail when extended through the lip for a rotational move.

For 2015, subtle changes producing significant differences in performances have been introduced in the range.

The Quad 79 and 84 have their Vee brought forward of the fins. This produces more precise rail-to-rail control in the bottom turn allowing for quicker trajectory changes as well as facilitating cutbacks as the board rolls off the Vee to set the forward rail.
More outline curve was added between the footstraps of the Quad 74 for quicker and tighter turns but also allowing the board to project more vertically up the face of the wave.

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2015 NuEvo

The NuEvo is Starboard’s high performance surfboard style wave board that specializes in tight, butter-smooth rail turns with excellent rail-to-rail transitions and extra-tight top turns.

With soft round rails and flatter decks, these boards react like surfboards with all the characteristics of high-end windsurfing wave boards. The forward Vee and soft pads and rails dampen the effects of chop, making the NuEvos comfortable boards for general sailing.

The big novelty for 2015 comes with the introduction of the NuEvo 120. Slightly different from the other boards in the range with a very fast and straight rocker line and sharp rails in the front with a lot of tuck, it gets up and going early and quickly. The double concave running from the mast track to the tail and the fins set close to the rail keep the board loose and easy to turn; characteristics that have made this board famous.

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2015 Kode Wave

The signature wave board of 2 x World Champion Philip Köster. Fast to get on the plane with a high top end speed, they are the most ideal boards for big airs and double forwards. They just want to boost whether it’s jumping or wave riding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it.

The new Wave Edition construction adds a triangular layer of unidirectional carbon extending from the back foot strap to the mast track, for an added weight of 90 grams and a virtually indestructible board.

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2014 Black Box

The Black Box excels in small, mushy waves and light to medium winds.

While many boards are marketed for real-world conditions and real-world sailors, Dany Bruch’s creation takes it a step further by offering a very short and wide shape with a wide square tail with no excess volume. Create, hold speed and link more turns on smaller to medium sized waves like never before.

A bigger Black Box is now available. At 107 liters, it offers that extra buoyancy for bigger riders, without losing any of the characteristics it is known for: self-generated speed, carving and looseness on the face of wave.

Dany Bruch, designer of the Black Box:

"The board is big, yes, but it is special. I have to say that on this board I had exactly the same joy feeling that I had when the original Black Box started to work… It was fun, fun and fun! I reckon this is exactly what the bigger guys out there need: something they can float out on when the lighter riders are on their 87s."

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2015 Kode FreeWave

The Kode FreeWaves are Starboard’s aggressive, fast, award-winning do-it-all boards for waves, freestyle or freeride.

The new 81, 86, 94 models have versatile fin configuration that allows the new Kode FreeWaves to be tuned to match the rider's location: single fin for more speed and acceleration, thruster for improved grip and control with instantaneous maneuverability.

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2015 Flare

The Flare is the choice of reigning PWA Freestyle World Champions Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita Offringa, developed by the world's best freestyle team. The Flares are boards that pop air easily and respond to a rider’s move instantaneously.

The Flare's Carbon Reflex construction is very strong yet remain ultra-light, responsive, controllable and comfortable thanks to the flex and reflex characteristics. The design of the board also helps to push riders to go bigger every time while being forgiving enough to help them finish each move.

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