84 New Models (Part 2): Slimmer Carves, Slimmer GOs, the new Kode Freemoves and more

Of our 2013 range update, we’re pleased to launch today the second half.

The new freeride Carves include two new shapes in the 151 and 161 size. They are 7% slimmer, improving their wind range and overall planing efficiency. The other Carves in the range keep their shapes, which were already slimmed down 9% compared to the year before. The Carve 131 in particular is a real gem, winning Germany’s Windsurf Journal magazine group test with an almost perfect score:

Planing: 10/10
Acceleration: 10/10
Top speed in low winds: 10/10
Top speed in high winds: 10/10
Top end control: 10/10
Maneuverability: 10/10
Keep planing: 9/10
User friendliness: 10/10

The Carve – virtually the perfect board according to Windsurf Journal’s group test

The GO boards have all been updated using the new slim & wide shapes of the Carves, making them 8% thinner on average. Like the Carves, going slim & wide allows the boards to cover a wider wind range and plane more efficiently. They plane up earlier, accept deeper fins and larger sails, and the wider shape of the wetted area creates less drag and more lift. For those of you that have followed the evolution of our board shapes the last few years, you’d see that the slimming down of boards is a continuation of an R&D journey we started with the iSonic, the Futura and most significantly the Atom. Today, we’re pleased to see the Carves and GO join the same design direction and we can safely say that more will follow.

For those who will use the GO boards to progress on or to teach their friends to windsurf, the extra width also give added stability. Still relatively long to allow easy, passive transition into planing mode, the GO boards differ from the Carve boards thanks to its comfortable full EVA deck finish, added insert positions, carry handles and a tougher construction.

all new 8% slimmer GO boards

The Kode Freemoves are an all new addition to the Kode range, sitting beside the Kode Wave and Kode Freestyle Wave. Those of you who know our range well will notice that they replace the outgoing Kode 113 and 123. For the new Freemove models, we wanted to improve on the speed of the board but also its responsiveness to carving maneuvers and the sharpness of acceleration in gusts of wind. We turned to the Flare for answers, since they too have the same mix of characteristics. We imported and adapted the Flare rail shape and the compact nose design. Take a look at the rail of the new Kode Freemoves and you’ll see a very thin rail upfront with a hard release edge, and a fatter voluminous rail shape under that back foot to the tail tip, still with that hard release edge. Quick to plane, sharp in acceleration and very aggressive in their carving bite: it’s how they feel and like to ride on the water. The pads have also been upgraded to the famous super-comfy Sponge Contour style.

The 2013 Kode Freemove

Launching today is also the new Windsup 2013 collection. Many of you would have seen our Inflatable WindSUPs last month. Today’s new WindSUP Silver joins the family, with new graphics and built in Tufskin construction.

The new WindSUP ASAP is the third technology option: it’s our brand new construction for 2013 that is As Strong As Possible. Full EVA deck, full EVA rails and a super strong construction all round at our most affordable price point makes this an exciting model.

The new WindSUP ASAP from Starboard: As Strong As Possible

Boards that carry over unchanged from 2012 are the Formulas, the Gemini and the popular Rios and Starts. The Phantom Race 377 gets a minor graphic and construction upgrade and an extra set of footstrap inserts.

That’s about it for this week. We’ll be launching our new Phantom 295 event soon, which will be held in Phuket, Thailand in December. It’s our next big project so we hope that you’ll stay tuned for that one too.

Have a great windy Autumn/Winter 2013,

Tiesda You
Starboard Head of R&D / Brand Manager