2012 ifca World Championship - Bora talks equipment and setup

Here we go! Paros is one of the most specıal places for me. In 1999 it was my fırst international event in Paros I had no ıdea about anythıng about racing and after 14 years I'm back with full knowledge and to fight for top 3 place in a world championship. So i was pretty excited when the Greek organizer invited me to the event. In Ifca you have the register 2 boards and 4 sails for the event unlike pwa you register 3 boards 6 sails for all year long. So I checked the forecast and saw that all week long the was starting from 45 knots and going down to 13! So I took 4 boards and 7 sails with me and it was a good opurtunity for me also to test decide what to use next year in tough conditions of Paros.

The trip
So we were on our way with another turkish racer a good friend of mine Tur 74 and my caddy Erhat. We had to make our way from alacati-chios-pireaus-paros. Taking around 1.5 day time but it was worth it!!!!

On our way i was checking forecast from different websites to check wind and decide the boards fins etc. I always make plans before racing which keeps me motivated and make a checklist of what i will do and check forecast etc the forecast was aroun25-30 knots for next day.gues what when we arrived it was 40 with gusts to 50 knots!and i had a big cut on my feet couple days ago in turkey pwa event. İ should put it in water at least for 10 days but i had no chance....

We rigged and went out and was fully overpowered with 5.6! I was with isonic 87. I had to try some fins!! There was a wavy site and flat site in the bay. We didnt know on which site the race would take place so we had to tune for both in 2 days.. Carbon fins have much more power than g10 fins so in very tough conditions its always safe to be on g10. First i put the new tried talon 34, 32, the new T43, falcon 34, 32 and these i found: Flatwater fastest: T43, good speed with control: Talon Chop/waves: Good speed with average control: Talon the sails were 5.6 and 6.2 severne reflex.which had great control and stability and what i found in waves and chop less downhaul made less lift on the board which created a board that sits more on the water!!

So i was set for the tough stuff if the wind continuned next days like this

Second prepreation day
The day before the wind droped down dramaticly in the afterrnon. So next day I decided to wait for the afternoon to test my medium/bigger gear. I tried isonic 97 and 107. Here we go: İn flat water genrally 97 was faster than 107 but in waves and chop the 107 was better allround!! I think the shorter and wider outline of 107 makes better aerodynamics in waves.. İ put my carpenter 36 and 38 also Z38 worked well.. Than I tried Talon 38 and T43. 38 in waves T43 was better allround where as in flat and chop carpenter and Z made a huuugee difference.. Sails were 7.0, 7.8 wind verying from 16 to 23 knots.

So i was set for the race. Than i learned the race would take place more on flat water site so I registered 97 and 117W. With sails 7.0, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.2

The course was set it had pretty long legs with deep downwind so more of a speedy side of slalom which recomended more of shorter board with a bigger sail to hang on!! I didnt have that of a great start but my speed was better than others so i lead all the race and won the final. In the second race i had no wind at all in the start but still managed to finish second place. İ was on 7.0 97 in both races with great speed. Next days the commite decide to put the couse in the wavey site and it was light wind.ı was on my 117 w and 8.6 killing everybudy with speed rounded the first mark in very comfartable lead and gues what? A big wind hole!! İ couldnt plane for 15 seconds than the guys behind came with wind and i had to fight for second position!! The comity didnt cancel the race because i was the only guy in the hole.. I managed to finih second gonzalo in 3rd and rosati in first place.. So overall it was a point between me and gonzalo very close results and i managed to finish the world championship second position. Now back home resting a bit healing the scars and some partiesss.

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