Wave Clinic - Dany Bruch and Adam Lewis

Want to master a type of loop, or get the timing right for a wave-360?

Maybe you’re not into all that fancy stuff and just keen to know how to bottom turn with enough speed to project off the top turn. Well, here is your SOLUTION! Click here and read how you could make massive steps forward on Dany Bruch and Adam Lewis’ wave coaching clinics, scheduled for October 9th - 14th, December 26th-30th, February and April. Spaces are limited, so get in touch soon.

What to expect:

- Getting out over waves
- Wave selection
- Carrying speed through turns
- Tuning equipment for waves
- Jumping
- Looping
- Tacking
- Upwind sailing and acceleration
- Preparing for wavesailing
- Dealing with the impact zone
- Full HD video coaching

Dany is currently listed 4th in the PWA wave ranking and similar to the current Wave Champion, a textbook new-school wavesailor:

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