Dieter Van der Eyken explores Brazil

Catching some air in Brazil

Dieter Van der Eyken gives us a recap in his own words of his recent trip to Brazil...

" Straight after the EFPT was finished myself and Rick travelled down to Brazil, not Jeri like most people but we decided to travel to São Miguel do Gostoso, which is where Kauli Seadi has his centre. Gostoso enjoys the same winds as Jeri, maybe a little bit less but practically the same. Thanks to the wind I was on my Freek 4.4 or 4.8 every single day which was absolutely amazing. I’ve been here now for 6 weeks and only didn’t sail for 3 or 4 days which means I’ve been sailing about 40 days already and still not getting tired of it. Coming to Brazil was definitely a good plan."

Dieter pulling off a nice shaka

"The best sessions were always with the low tide as you get perfect flat water between the waves just next to the “rocks”. This makes it the perfect place to train your freestyle moves on the way in. On the way out it’s a bit more choppy but still ok to do airmoves and practice jumping as the wind is coming from the right. We also had some great swells passing through. Especially last week, making my wave board come in good use for some down the line wave riding. With the high tide it’s much more choppy and harder to sail but like this, you can learn moves one week on the flat and then train them the next week in the chop. This automatically makes you more consistent in each trick, in all kind of conditions."

Catching some waves on his Flare 101

"Well I’ve got one more week left here in Brazil before my trip is done and then I’m off to cold home again and back to the books for my exams in January. Really trying to push myself to go higher and bigger. I also got also a nice double shaka on tape which you will hopefully enjoy."
To see the clip of Dieters double shaka, click here.

Hitting those waves with style

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