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Keep your dreams alive and don't let go!

Don’t Let Go is a true documentary about windsurfing. Filmed in 10 different countries over the past two years, they captured all aspects of being a pro windsurfer. From traveling to remote destinations, riding the biggest waves, competing on the world tour, suffering serious injuries and fighting hard to come back. There are good and bad times - whatever it is - but don't let go!

After a month of premieres around the world, DLG is out now and available in shops around the world and online by clicking here!

The cast includes Starboard team riders Boujmaa Guilloul and Philip Köster, windsurfing legends Robby Naish and Robert Teriitheau, Camille Juban, Victor Fernandez and ex-Starboard rider Levi Siver, just to name a few! Filming was done in Maui, Morocco, Peru, Cabo Verde, Guadeloupe and many other locations to show the best windsurfing has to offer on and off the water. Thanks to director, producer and rider Flo Jung, you can now enjoy 50 minutes of the most amazing windsurfing movie in a long time! If you want to read up on this production, visit the official DLG website.

Starboard and Severne team rider Boujmaa Guilloul said about the movie:

"Don't Let Go is the first windsurfing movie I've been so seriously involved in. We all dream about the perfect one, the one that will mark the history of windsurfing, action, lifestyle, editing, music and emotions... with elements that make a difference with all other movies. Once you get the perfect set up, you can then make an unforgettable DVD, the one that you and me will watch over and over again.

It has been really hard for us to find funding and to make our visions come true on film. We were working on a tight budget to get around and film together and we all have been injured during the production... I think we might be cursed! or it's just part of the story..! :) Flo has suffered 3 injuries since we started filming while Robby and myself had two major ones as well.

But all and all, I think we captured some amazing footage that also shows the life behind the scenes..."

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