EFE Update Day 2 – Dieter leads

The double elimination from the second EFPT tourstop 2012 is done. Dieter van der Eyken defeated Tonky Frans twice in the final of the double and in the super final and won the first double elimination. Big congrats to the winners! Davy Scheffers is the third one on the podium. He fought back in the double.

Dieter in the final; harsh conditions

Dieter Van der Eyken about the European Tour and his motivation: “What I first thought when I saw that Tonky will enter the competition, was that it will be a battle for the second place (…) I definitely wanted to compete for the European title, so when I heard that Tonky was entering I saw my dream already fading away, but now I could win the first double elimination, I am super stoked!” He also pointed out that it has been a long time since he was sailing in such strong conditions. Dieter used his 3.6 m the whole day and still ended up being overpowered.

Result first double elimination EFE/EFPT Le Brusc, France:
1. Dieter van der Eyken
2. Tonky Frans
3. Davy Scheffers
4. Adrian Beholz
5. Mattia Fabrizi

Full results below:

The single elimination got already finished yesterday. Dieter van der Eyken and Tonky Frans made it in the winners final, Mattia Fabrizi and Adrian Beholz made it in the loosers final. Tonky won the single against Dieter, Adrian defeated Italian Mattia. Congrats to all top 4 riders! The double elimination is running in excellent conditions with strong onshore wind and choppy water.

Dieter running up the rankings (Pic by EFTP.net)

Results single elimination below:

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