Fabio Calo's Wave Clinic in Moulay: August 2014

Still haven't sorted out what you'll be doing this summer? Then hurry before it's too late! Starboard Dream Team rider and 2013 Italian Wave Champion Fabio Calò is heading down to Morocco in August for his wave clinic and there still are a few open spots. Find out more below and join for the perfect opportunity to improve your wave sailing skills in an unique environment this summer.

Last Wind, a travel agency specialized in windsurfing, is pleased to confirm their collaboration with Starboard team rider Fabio Calo for the Moulay Wave Camp taking place in Morocco from August 2nd to August 9th and from August 9th to August 16th. The special feature of this clinic is that Last Wind will take care of everything. You only need to think about enjoying yourself, relaxing and nothing else: hotel, transfer, rental... etc. will be taken care of. They do however recommend flying into Marrakesh as it's the closest airport.

And Fabio Calò, the 2013 Italian Wave Champion, will be there as your head coach, giving you all the tips and encouragements needed to master that new move you've been dreaming about.

This spot is suitable for all levels and abilities, but perfect for those wanting to learn or improve their waveriding and jumping skills. The waves in Moulay, especially in August, rarely get too big and most importantly, they are quite mellow which means you won't get pummeled around when you fall. These factors make it the ideal spot to learn and to push your limits without risks. That time of year, the wind is extremely consistent and generally above 20 knots. It comes in perfectly side-shore, which gives you the chance to waveride and jump for a 360° stage!

Equipment rental is available in the new Moulay Center if you want the best gear available or simply wish to avoid the excess baggage fees associated with air travel. For those who would rather bring their own gear, the price of the seven-day clinic goes down from 950 EUR to 700 EUR.

Come and enjoy your holidays in a unique atmosphere... Do not miss this opportunity!

For more information, please get in touch with Last Wind or head over to their website here.